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Whats New In Wordpress 2.9

So WordPress 2.9 is now out in the wild and ready for all of us to use with our sites and blogs. I just updated my blog to the new version and everything seems to be running fine and dandy. So what is new with the new version?

Check out this little video for a rundown.

1. Global undo/”trash” feature, which means that if you accidentally delete a post or comment you can bring it back from the grave (i.e., the Trash). This also eliminates those annoying “are you sure” messages we used to have on every delete.
2. Built-in image editor allows you to crop, edit, rotate, flip, and scale your images to show them who’s boss. This is the first wave of our many planned media-handling improvements.
3. Batch plugin update and compatibility checking, which means you can update 10 plugins at once, versus having to do multiple clicks for each one, and we’re using the new compatibility data from the plugins directory to give you a better idea of whether your plugins are compatible with new releases of WordPress. This should take the fear and hassle out of upgrading.
4. Easier video embeds that allow you to just paste a URL on its own line and have it magically turn it into the proper embed code, with Oembed support for YouTube, Daily Motion,, Flickr, Hulu, Viddler, Qik, Revision3, Scribd, Google Video, Photobucket, PollDaddy, and (and more in the next release).

So have you upgraded? Had any issues? Let us know.


So one thing I make sure I do is keep my current version of WordPress up to date to one make sure any security holes/issues are patched up as well as to take advantage of new features that help enhance my blogging experience.

Now with that said if you are not a guru when it comes to updating systems or wanna make sure you do everything right and now bork your blog then the WordPress Automatic upgrade is the plugin for you. It makes the upgrade process a piece of cake!

Wordpress automatic upgrade upgrades your wordpress installation by doing the following steps.

1. Backs up the files and makes available a link to download it.
2. Backs up the database and makes available a link to download it.
3. Downloads the latest files from and unzips it.
4. Puts the site in maintenance mode.
5. De-activates all active plugins and remembers it.
6. Upgrades wordpress files.
7. Gives you a link that will open in a new window to upgrade installation.
8. Re-activates the plugins.

This has been a valuable plugin I would highly recommend. Oh and hey they just released version 2.9 so now is your chance to try it out.


So WordPress 2.8 is live for everyone to grab now and I decided to upgrade the ol’ blog.   Overall it was a smooth upgrade without any issues that I can tell at this time.  Check out the video below to see some of the changes…..

For a full list of all the changes, bug fixes, and upgrades (over 180 of them) check out the codex

WordPress recently announced your visual portal to all that is WordPress from How To videos all the way to Wordcamp coverage.

Just jumping around on the new .tv site I am really liking what I am seeing…this will be a great resource for those looking to start with wordpress, those having issues with a certain part of the blogging software, or those looking to check out the wordcamp stuff.

From the crew

Our goal with is simple:
To make it easy for you to find up-to-date, WordPress-themed video content within a couple of clicks. Without having to wade through spammy promotional videos, out-of-date content, and missing chunks of presentations.

I must say this is a great job by all. enjoy everyone.

Well the wait is over and version 2.7 of WordPress is now live.

from the wordpress blog:
The first thing you’ll notice about 2.7 is its new interface. From the top down, we’ve listened to your feedback and thought deeply about the design and the result is a WordPress that’s just plain faster. Nearly every task you do on your blog will take fewer clicks and be faster in 2.7 than it did in a previous version.

After shooting out a message on twitter to see if anyone had any issues with the install and getting back only positive feedback I decided to make the jump to the new version.

My initial reaction to the new version – WOW. It is so customizable with the ability to move boxes around where I want them, hide menus, fast response times, and a sexy new look. I have to say that the development team really hit a home run with this one in my eyes.

Here is a little video highlighting the new version.

Have you made the jump to WordPress 2.7? What do you think? Did you have any issues with the upgrade?

Hey everyone I am having an issue.  I seem to be getting someone who is trying to setup multiple users on my wordpress blog each day.  They are just random letters so I am assuming it is a spammer or a bot.  Is there a way to shut off allowing people to setup an account?  Any help with the issue would be appreciated.


Just wanted to wish my favorite blogging platform (which keeps me blog happy) WordPress a Happy 5th Birthday.

I have been using the server edition for a few years now and it has been great for helping me get my thoughts, funny videos, twitter thoughts out to the interweb.

If you are in the SF make sure you go to the WP Birthday Party and have some cake for me. Or take some pictures and let me know and Ill add them to this post.

As a final note if you are a blogger and not using WordPress I cannot praise it enough and would say it is well worth the upgrade to your blog. Very easy to setup, maintain, and of course very customizable.

Which web apps do you use that are a must have, for daily use, your “web app pron”?  Here is my list of apps I use on a daily basis and love:

gmail – gmail of course is my communication tool of choice when it comes to email.  great for using on any computer or my mobile device.  spam protection is top notch, love being able to use filters and labels.

google reader – helps feed my rss addiction.  the best in my mind when it comes to aggregating all my feeds with a great layout.  seems to be integrating with all my other apps as well i.e. disqus and twitter.  love it!

twitter – great way to keep up with my online friends, some offline friends.  share links, pics, blog posts, ect.  its just plain awesome.

friendfeed – friendfeed has been hot now for a month or two.  great way to keep up with all my peeps.  love the integration with all my services as well as all the greasemonkey scripts I can use to customize the service to my likings and needs.

disqus – awesome commenting service for you blog or for just commenting on blogs.  think it brings the social aspect to comments and gives them their own life.  as with the other apps love the integration with the services like friendfeed and wordpress.

toluu – like google reader toluu helps feed my rss addiction.  great service that helps i the discovery and sharing of rss feeds.  if you need an invite let me know as I have some.

wordpress – best blogging software out there!  I have been using it now for a few years and with all the plugins and widgets you can add on its just top notch.  I recommend this one to everybody.

flickr – use flickr to share all my pictures and pics I take with my phone.  just an overall great service that makes it simple to post and share pics.

google calendar – use mainly for the integration with twitter and remember the milk as well as with my mobile device to keep all my important events at my side and keep me from missing something i shouldnt.

remember the milk – this is an awesome service for keeping those task lists under control.  I just flat out love it and add integration with gmail, google calendar, twitter and my mobile device and that only makes it better.  very simple clean setup but very powerful at the same time.

Here are some apps that I have been messing around with that soon could also be up on the top list.

diigo – diigo is a new bookmarking service that adds some new stuff to the whole social bookmarking scene like highlighting text and such (or new to me hehe).  I have continued to use this service more and more and recommend you check it out.  its slowly growing on me.

ma.gnolia – another in the social bookmarking realm…i have heard of it for awhile but due to my love for never really gave it a try.  checking it out these days and might have to decide which to go with ma.gnolia or diigo.  time will tell but again a good service to check out for you social bookmarking geeks.

mixx – mixx is a social news site like one you may have heard of before called digg 🙂  its new to the game but i must say i find it a breath of fresh air when it comes to the social news scene.  will i stick with it?  not sure….with so many blogs I follow, shared links, and link blogs it seems like I get all the news I need via google ready and then can share with serices like friendfeed, rssmeme or readburner so I am not sure if this is my thing.  but I do endorse it over digg for whatever that is worth 🙂 – this one is one that in the past would have been on my top list.  i use to love and in some ways its like your kid its hard to let go…i still post to via diigo where i can post to multiple services but overall it seems like has just kinda disappeared….dont really hear much about new stuff and I am still waiting on the upgrade to v2.0 as well as it just seems like it has issues playing nice with some of the new social web services out there or I have had some issues in that regard…so I am keepig it around and still find it very useful but its kinda in a weird place for me right now 🙂

so there ya have it….some of the web apps I use on a daily and sometimes hourly basis…the ones I cannot live without and then some I see as possible futures centerfolds in the “web app pron” world 🙂

what are some of yours?  I am sure you will have one that I will be like ohhh yeah I use that one too…but lets share and maybe others can discover some kool web apps to play around with.

wordpress Well I had checked with friends and searched the net to see what the buzz was on WordPress 2.5 and see how everyone was doing with their upgrades.  Pretty much all I got was rave reviews and everyone was telling me I would love v2.5.

Well about 30 min ago I decided to pull the trigger and make the upgrade…my verdict….love it!  And with the WordPress Upgrade Plugin it was a piece of cake!  I cannot recommend it enough for getting that new version installed.

I like the layout, the look, the ease of use.  just wanna say to the wordpress development guys…Great Job!

If you are thinking of upgrading and have any questions please feel free to post a comment or shoot me and email or twitter.

Ok kids I need some help!  If you are on FriendFeed (and if you are not…why not!!) could you put a comment up on friendfeed for this post?

I am testing out the new WordPress plugin by Glenn Slaven that puts any comments about your blog posts on FriendFeed and slaps them right on the original post on your blog as well!

Looks pretty sweet and being a geek I am obligated to add it to my site 🙂

Thanks Everyone!