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Saturday Morning Watchmen

If Watchmen were a saturday morning cartoon the intro might go like this…


Some good ol’ Marvel vs. DC or better yet Watchmen. Enjoy


So thanks to the scene-stealers I get the chance to check out the much anticipated movie “Watchmen” tonight at an early screening.  I would like to say thanks to the guys for giving me this awesome opportunity!

I am looking forward to seeing this movie and from some of the early reviews I have heard it is giving me hope that this movie is actually gonna rock rather then suck like it some anticipated movies of the past.

I think I am gonna head out to the theater around 5:00 after work and put a little video together with some pre and post thoughts on the film….so stay tuned and dont worry It will be spoiler free hehe.

All I can say is I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!

I must say over the past few months I have wondered is Watchmen going to be a good movie? Will Hollywood just crap over it?

Well time will tell I guess how the movie is accepted or destroyed by the fans but one thing that gives me hope is Wil Wheaton’s statement after seening a screening of the movie.


I have to say hearing this from Wil makes me feel a little better going into my viewing of the movie as I know he is a hardcore geek that likes a lot of the same things I do as well as he is someone who gives his opionion and doesnt sugar coat it or anything to make people happy.

I am soooo excited for the lights to go down and experience this film.

Kansas City fans dont forget to do the scavenger hunt over at scene stealers for a chance to win passes to an early screening of Watchmen as well!  Drawing is next Friday.



If you are in the Kansas City area, a Watchmen fan, and able to answer questions about the graphic novel then do I have a scavenger hunt for you!

Screen Stealers has put together a little scavenger hunt on their site for everyone to complete and those with the correct final answer will be put in a drawing to win a pass for 2 to the early screening of the movie on March 30th, 2009 (20 total winners) at the AMC Olathe 30. The drawing will be Friday Feb 27th and the winners will be contacted by email with instructions.

Good luck everyone and if I win some passes I will see ya there!! Is it the 27th yet? hehe

a little trailer action for ya.  cant get enough of this!

What happens when you mix one of my favorite cartoons as a kid with one of the great comics of all time and an upcoming blockbuster movie?

You get WatchFriends of course! Thought this was pretty kool and as always a lot geeky! Enjoy.

New Watchmen Trailer

I am soooo geek’n out for this movie.  cant wait till 3/6/09!  Check out the new trailer.