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highlight midwest

This is a first in a series of posts I plan to do with presentations that I recorded at this years Highlight Midwest. The first is MobaTalk which combines twitter with video messages. This was presented by the creator Michael Bailey. For more info and updates make sure you hit up the site blog as well.

Pretty simple service to use all you need is a twitter account and of course a webcam. Below is an example of a video taken at the Highlight Midwest Pre-Party:

And here is the presentation :


Hey just another post I thought I would throw up here. I kinda like doing the video thing so it might become a normal thing. But this one just messing with settings and talk about my post on Gadgetell. So check it out. As always feedback is welcome.

Allison was gone for the evening so I figured what the heck I will try to do a video and see how it comes out. Who knows maybe I will start doing this on a regular basis. But this one was just to try out and see how it would come out. I do have to say next time I will probably try at a smaller size (at 640 now and will probably drop down to 320). Anyways enjoy!! And please please tell me if you think I might have a future in video podcasting 🙂 I would love some feedback good or bad.