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It has been awhile since I have done an invite post so here we go.  need an invite to any of these services?

Invites Available

If you would like an invite to any of those services feel free to contact me @ and I will get one right out to ya.


UPDATE : I also have some invites to 12seconds so if you wanna check that out let me know as well.



That right kids Toluu announced today that tagging is now a feature for the feed discovery/sharing service.  I think this should take the service to the next level and allow users to find feeds for certain subjects they are looking for like “Apple”, “Tech”, “8-Bit”, ect.

Here are the juicy details:

*Tag Tab* On every feed page (the page with the blog post summaries) there is a new tab called ‘Tags’ . In this Tab, front and center, is a nice big text box to start entering a tag for the feed. Adding a tag is very quick with our use of ajax to power the system. You can also see all of the tags you have given the feed under ‘My Tags;. And below that, is a ‘Top Tags’ section, which shows the most popular tags for the feed based on how others in the Toluu universe have tagged the feed. When you are entering a tag, we see if you have tagged any other feeds and we suggest tags based on your past tagging behavior. This makes it faster to enter tags, and helps keep your feeds organized since you can make sure you use the same tag, technology instead of tech, for instance.

*Explore by Tag* If you click on a Tag you will see a list of feeds in the Toluu system that have the tag. You can also sort these feeds in a few different ways: Popularity, Recent, Subscribers, and A-Z. These new sort options are now available on ALL feed list views on the site as well! We heard from users that they wanted more ways to explore the various feed lists on the site; these new sort options help expose feeds of interest better than before.

*Instant Inline Tagging* Tagging is also available on all feed list pages. Logged in users will see a ‘+ Add Tag’ button when they mouse up or down the feed lists. Clicking the button instantly exposes an inline tagging interface. Users have access to the same Auto-Suggest functionality as available on the feed tag page and they can see their tags for the feed. This makes it super easy to go through and tag a large batch of feeds at once or add a tag to an interesting feed instantly.

*Feeds Tag Grouping* When browsing any user’s feeds, you will now have access to a brand new view, the tag grouping view. This allows you to, at a glance, see which tags that particular person uses the most, helping you understand what type of feeds they subscribe to. You can see if the user has a lot of ‘Art’ and ‘Photography’ feeds or maybe ‘Startup’ and ‘Web20’ feeds. This info makes it easier to discover interesting new feeds.

*Profile Top Tags* On every user profile there is a new section ‘Top Tags’. This new section will display the user’s 5 most used tags. This will help others understand the type of feeds the user subscribes to. It is also a quick way to access all of the tags the user has tagged their feeds with by clicking ‘Top Tags’.

Just wanted to say great job to Caleb and keep bring the fresh new features.

Toluu Adds Filtering


Everyone favorite neighborhood rss discovery service Toluu has added filtering to mix of things with some new updates they pushed out. You can filter by – feeds, contacts, favorites, and of course all.

Oh and that is not all!!! They rolled out 9 new rss feed options including an rss feed for each filter you can apply.

some great options and another way you can help Toluu work for you. Keep it up Caleb!

[invites] need an invite to toluu?  just comment on here and make sure you leave me your email address.


My favorite RSS discovery service Toluu announced via their blog today they have made a few additions to the service including integration with twitter (and the ability to change the twitter message to your choice) and modifications to the activity stream including the ability to see activity from the whole Toluu service just not you and your friends.

[above: twitter post in action]

I have talked to Caleb who runs Toluu and you can expect more features like this in the new future. If you are not familiar with Toluu it is a service that allows you to import your rss feeds to share as well as to discover new feeds you may have never known about. It really creates a great community and resource for finding new feeds.

other coverage of the Toluu additions :

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Need an invite to Toluu? If so just let me know as I have some to give out.

Well last week we had invite Monday and it was a huge success so this week I thought I would be crazy and go for invite Tuesday (i know crazy!). Listed below are the services I have some invites for…just like last week all you have to do is post a reply with the email address you would like the invite sent to.

I have the following:


And if you are a service with invites feel free to contact me and we can add your service to the invite list.

Thanks everyone and enjoy the services!

Yesterday I had invite Monday which was a huge success so we decided to extend the sale and slash prices even more!

Thats right kids we are gonna go even lower and for a cost of FREE you can get invites to the following services:

Toluu – A great service is you an rss addict like me. Find some new feeds.
Socialthing – Aggregate your social services.

And if you act now we can even throw in invites to Evernote. Still waiting on a new shipment of invites to BrightKite and we will let everyone know when they are back in stock.

Act now as prices this low will not last…..just let me know your email address and I will shoot one your way.

Have some invites to a few services and thought I would share them with everyone. If you need one just reply to this post and provide me with your email. if you dont feel like posting your email address you can shoot me an email at and I will get one out to ya.

They are on a first come basis so once they are gone you will just have to wait till I get some more. Also if there are any services that would like to supply me some invites just shoot me an email and I will pimp out your service for everyone.


Invites I currently have are for :


rss awareness day

Well kids today is the day that make everyone aware of the greatness of RSS…I am proud to say I am an rss addict and love finding new feeds to pull into google reader feeding my addiction like it is crack.

Seriously though take this day to share your love of RSS with someone unfamiliar with it or point them to this post and allow them to learn a little about rss.

Below is a nice video that describes in plain english and might be better to share with your friends rather then breaking into an rss rant 🙂

RSS Awareness Day Links

What are some of your favorite feeds? What aggregator do you use? Are you addicted to RSS like me? Share your story. Also today might be a good day to get setup with Toluu which is a community to help you find new feeds to follow…its in private beta but if you would like an invite leave a comment with your email addy and I will shoot one your way!

Which web apps do you use that are a must have, for daily use, your “web app pron”?  Here is my list of apps I use on a daily basis and love:

gmail – gmail of course is my communication tool of choice when it comes to email.  great for using on any computer or my mobile device.  spam protection is top notch, love being able to use filters and labels.

google reader – helps feed my rss addiction.  the best in my mind when it comes to aggregating all my feeds with a great layout.  seems to be integrating with all my other apps as well i.e. disqus and twitter.  love it!

twitter – great way to keep up with my online friends, some offline friends.  share links, pics, blog posts, ect.  its just plain awesome.

friendfeed – friendfeed has been hot now for a month or two.  great way to keep up with all my peeps.  love the integration with all my services as well as all the greasemonkey scripts I can use to customize the service to my likings and needs.

disqus – awesome commenting service for you blog or for just commenting on blogs.  think it brings the social aspect to comments and gives them their own life.  as with the other apps love the integration with the services like friendfeed and wordpress.

toluu – like google reader toluu helps feed my rss addiction.  great service that helps i the discovery and sharing of rss feeds.  if you need an invite let me know as I have some.

wordpress – best blogging software out there!  I have been using it now for a few years and with all the plugins and widgets you can add on its just top notch.  I recommend this one to everybody.

flickr – use flickr to share all my pictures and pics I take with my phone.  just an overall great service that makes it simple to post and share pics.

google calendar – use mainly for the integration with twitter and remember the milk as well as with my mobile device to keep all my important events at my side and keep me from missing something i shouldnt.

remember the milk – this is an awesome service for keeping those task lists under control.  I just flat out love it and add integration with gmail, google calendar, twitter and my mobile device and that only makes it better.  very simple clean setup but very powerful at the same time.

Here are some apps that I have been messing around with that soon could also be up on the top list.

diigo – diigo is a new bookmarking service that adds some new stuff to the whole social bookmarking scene like highlighting text and such (or new to me hehe).  I have continued to use this service more and more and recommend you check it out.  its slowly growing on me.

ma.gnolia – another in the social bookmarking realm…i have heard of it for awhile but due to my love for never really gave it a try.  checking it out these days and might have to decide which to go with ma.gnolia or diigo.  time will tell but again a good service to check out for you social bookmarking geeks.

mixx – mixx is a social news site like one you may have heard of before called digg 🙂  its new to the game but i must say i find it a breath of fresh air when it comes to the social news scene.  will i stick with it?  not sure….with so many blogs I follow, shared links, and link blogs it seems like I get all the news I need via google ready and then can share with serices like friendfeed, rssmeme or readburner so I am not sure if this is my thing.  but I do endorse it over digg for whatever that is worth 🙂 – this one is one that in the past would have been on my top list.  i use to love and in some ways its like your kid its hard to let go…i still post to via diigo where i can post to multiple services but overall it seems like has just kinda disappeared….dont really hear much about new stuff and I am still waiting on the upgrade to v2.0 as well as it just seems like it has issues playing nice with some of the new social web services out there or I have had some issues in that regard…so I am keepig it around and still find it very useful but its kinda in a weird place for me right now 🙂

so there ya have it….some of the web apps I use on a daily and sometimes hourly basis…the ones I cannot live without and then some I see as possible futures centerfolds in the “web app pron” world 🙂

what are some of yours?  I am sure you will have one that I will be like ohhh yeah I use that one too…but lets share and maybe others can discover some kool web apps to play around with.


I recently found out about a new site/service out there called toluu which I would describe as an rss addicts crack 🙂  What it allows you to do is add your feeds (manually or via opml), add friends and then discover who you are most compatible with feed wise and also help you discover new sites you may not have heard of or maybe just never got around to checking out.  With toluu I have found some kool new sites and hope I have helped others discover some sites I have found through the years.

The service is far from being ready for prime time and is still in beta so keep that in mind as you play around with it but even at the point it is I would consider it a great service.  A few things I would love to see added to the service would be the ability to subscribe to a feed directly into the aggregator of my choice as well as integration with friendfeed 🙂  (sorry couldnt resist that one)

If you need an invite just leave a comment and I will get one to ya.  enjoy!

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