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At the Social Media KC breakfast this past Friday the discussion led by the gang from the Social Lites was on the subject of public relations and Social Media. I made sure I had my camera to catch the round table discussion so check it out below.

This took place at our monthly breakfast here in Kansas City. If you are in the Kansas City area and a fan or user of social media or just looking to get into it feel free to join us at future breakfasts or events. You can get all the up to date news on the website .


I wanted to take this chance to pimp out a new video podcast created by some buddies of mine here in the Kansas City area called Life In The Tubes.

Life In The Tubes is a video podcast that talks about social media and cloud computing.  The crew is comprised of Tom Jenkins (techguytom), Brian Caylor (Caylorb), and Chris Duckett (Duckett1221).

In the first episode they discuss the following topics:

industry layoffs
and a special appearace/interview with The Social Lites

[check out the first episode]

As with anything new there are gonna be some growing pains, changes, and mistakes but this is a great group of guys with a passion for what they are talking about so give them a few episodes and I am sure you will be happy with the knowledge and information you will get.

keep up the good job guys!

Is your company looking to jump into the social media arena? Do you need some guidance? Maybe you are in the midwest and looking for some local companies who can help you jump onto the scene? Well if you are then you are in luck as I have a list of 3 companies that could be great resources for you.

The first two are located in my city of Kansas City and they are The Social Lites and Ideas and Angles. The other is out of Des Moines and they are known as Lava Row.

The Social Lites (Blog)
Jennifer Bailey, Christina Maki, and Shelby Garlock

Great ladies who have a passion for what they do. I actually recently did a video of Christina’s presentation at Highlight Midwest you might want to check out.

Ideas And Angles (Blog)
Zachary Cobb, Chris Culbertson, and Aaron Henderson

As with The Social Lites a group of great guys who really have a passion for social media.

Lava Row (Blog)
Nathan T. Wright and Hillary Brown

Of the three I have to say I do not know the Lava Row gang as well but from the feedback I get from others they have a great reputation and would be another great resource.

There you have it a great starting point if you are looking for some companies that can help you get started with social media and if you are a local company in the midwest a great way to promote a local product.

Know of any other Social Media Strategist here in the Midwest that could be added to the list? Leave a comment and we can get a nice list going.

highlight midwest

For my second presentation from Highlight Midwest I have on from Christina Maki of The Social Lites who did one titled – “Messages, Membership, and Money: Growing Your Non-Profit With Social Media.”

Some great advice for all the non-profit organizations out there. Check out her presentation below.

Note : I noticed after I posted the video that on the intro screen of the video I have Socialites when it should be Social Lites. just wanted to note the mistake.

update : i fixed the spelling mistake in the video.