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So its that time again! Time for another episode of The Social Geeks Podcast. This episode we had a round table discussion talking about controlling the noise out there on the social web and how filters can helpl in that process.

Appearing on the show was Chris Miller, Wayne Sutton, Louis Gray, and myself.

We also talk about a couple new services Lazyfeed and Posterous.

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the social geeks podcast

Last week I got an invitation to join The Social Geeks Podcast and their new round table discussions pertaining to social media and the social web.

On the first round table we had Chris aka idonotes, Corvida, Wayne Sutton, and of course myself with future guests to join us and give their insight.

I just wanted to take this chance to thank Chris and Corvida for the opportunity to be on the round table discussion and I look to future episodes coming soon.

Episode 6 : The Gathering and Hot Grits

What we talked about
* gartner hype cycle
* SocialGO – Social Network Maker
* Is Linking to Yourself the Future of the Web? – O’Reilly Radar