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So its that time again for another awesome event in Kansas City and this time it is the return of Startup Weekend plus this year there will be waffles!

If you missed last year it was a great event and I have been looking forward to it returning for another year.  Not sure why you should attend?

It’s an experience unlike any conference you’ve attended before. Over the course of a single weekend, you get to take time out from your current venture/business and practice building a new one. Think of it like time off the field.

Most ventures fail on Monday morning, which isn’t the point. The point is, you learn new skills, processes, coding frameworks, legal jargon, business practices, spread sheet programs, etc that you can bring back to your current venture. Startup Weekend is a weekend warrior event where anything goes, and practice is implied. You’re not judged (unless you judge) and learning is paramount.

People who attend the weekend stay in touch, hire each other and form new ventures as a result of ‘colliding’ for 54 hours. Its an awesome three days of networking, team building, coding, business planning and pitching (with some added cocktails and food).

What do you have to loose?

When: April 16-18, 2010
Where : Infegy Offices – 4151 North Mulberry Drive KCMO
Time : Doors open at 6pm on Friday
Cost : $30 dollars for a ticket

Last year I did some blog posts about the first Startup Weekend so check them out to get some more exposure to the event.

And The Startup Weekend KC Winner Is…….
Startup Weekend KC : TopChirp – Twitter Meets Digg
(jeff)isageek tv : talking about startup weekend KC

Hope to see ya there!



“Rise Above the Flock. Rate a tweet to the Top Chirp.”

TopChirp was one of the many startups that came out of Startup Weekend Kansas City and I think you could define it best as digg meets twitter allowing you vote on tweets and with enough votes it could become the top chirp.  Since it just came out of startup weekend I thnk it would be safe to say its in a very beta stage but will be interesting to see it grow and where it goes from here.  Check out the presentation the group did Sunday night.

[topchirp on twitter]

startup weekend kc


Congrats to Activism2Go for a great presentation as well as a great startup.  There was some great ideas that came out of Startup Weekend but when the dust settled these guys were the winners.

the team
Joshua Dieker
Ryan Renner

Jennifer Bruenjes

Sean Blaes

Bruce Lill
Serge Bushman

Joel Buckingham
Jonathan Wagner

Susana Bruhn

    [visit startup weeked kansas city]


    Talking about Startup Weekend Kansas City which is April 24th thru April 26th.  Hope to see ya there!


    The other day I blogged about Startup Weekend which will be coming to Kansas City April 24th thru the 26th and now I am happy to report that tickets are on sale for the event as we speak.

    From what I have heard they are capping the attendance at 75 and with such a kool idea and the buzz going around about this you know those are gonna go fast!


    Big news in the Kansas City area as I have learned that we will be having a Startup Weekend here April 24th thru the 26th.  Now I have never had the chance to go to a Startup Weekend but sounds like something kool to check out.

    What is Startup Weekend?

    Startup Weekend is an intense event bringing brilliant tech minds together to create companies, projects and great tech communities!

    What is the weekend like?

    The weekend is fun, mentally simulating and always profitable (2 of those are true)! It starts Friday at 6pm and finishes up Sunday at 6pm, the hours in between are up to the community. Startup Weekend gets everyone in the same room, sometimes clothes and always feeds. What is next is really up to the people that show up, it is your drive and passion that will lead the weekend.

    What is the agenda?

    Have you ever worked at a startup? Startup Weekends don’t really have agendas, just general times when the building is open for everyone to meet and work. If you are an agenda driven person, Startup Weekend might not be for you. You make the agenda based on the people, ideas and mood.

    Sound like something you are interested in?  For the KC event you can check out the blog, the twitter feed and if you tweet about the event make sure you use the hash tag #kcsw.

    Right now the details are getting ironed out but keep your eye out on the blogs or twitter for any new updates as they become available.

    [startup weekend wiki]