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So this month the Startup Schwag shirt was one of my favorite e-card sites that always has some that make me giggle in  You can find cards for pretty much any subject but with a different approach then your normal hallmark card.


Here is an example of some of the cards you will find on the site:




So I got home today and sitting there on the front porch was my monthly Startup Schwag bag!!!!  I always get excited wondering what will be in the bag this month.  So I ran inside ripped open the bag to find this months shirt is from MooTools.

The Fortress Of Solitude

Wondering what MooTools is exactly?  Well here ya go :

MooTools is a compact, modular, Object-Oriented JavaScript framework designed for the intermediate to advanced JavaScript developer. It allows you to write powerful, flexible, and cross-browser code with its elegant, well documented, and coherent API.

MooTools code respects strict standards and doesn’t throw any warnings. It’s extensively documented and has meaningful variable names: a joy to browse and a snap to understand.

So there ya have it another great shirt from the gang over at startup schwag! They have had some really good ones lately and I always look forward to the next package each month.

[An added note I wanted to say congrats to Startup Schwag for their 2 year anniversary coming up…been with ya since the beginning]

So yesterday I came home to discover my monthly schwag bag from Startup Schwag had arrived. Its always exciting to find out what new shirt awaits my growing collection. This month it was Glue (From AdaptiveBlue).

Glue Schwag

Glue works automatically as you browse popular sites about books, music, movies, wines, restaurants, gadgets, stocks, actors, tv shows and other everyday things around the web. The Glue bar appears right on your current page to show you friends who looked at the same things and what they thought.

Glue Overview from AdaptiveBlue on Vimeo.

It is always fun to come home after a day at work or a night on the town to find my monthly Startup Schwag package waiting for me.

I always get excited by what new shirt could be awaiting me!!! So Saturday I got home from the AMC Best Picture Showase to find I was the proud owner of…….

The Fortress Of Solitude

12 Seconds

What is 12seconds
12seconds is the best place online for video status updates. It’s a super easy way to share what you’re doing with your friends and family using short video clips. You can use your web cam or mobile phone. Show your friends where you are, share your thoughts, or tell them how you’re doing. We are building a video status platform that will help you keep up to date with your friends 12 seconds at a time.

Well its that time again – The arrival of the startup schwag bag of the month. Watch the video below to see what we got!

Shirt of the Month
Yammer – brings twitter-style functionality to the office.

startup schwag

My favorite schwag provider Startup Schwag just pushed out a new update to the look of their site as well as a few new features including adding disqus comments and the ability to purchase shirts from past months at a set cost which are some great additions.

The one thing that really caught my idea with the new look was that my mug is plastered right on the home page displaying my pownce shirt!! How kool is that. Was not expecting that for sure.

So I just wanted to one thank the gang over at Startup Schwag for the great service, love the new look, and thanks for putting me up as one of your models (it can only help for traffic…hehe).

Note : For those not familiar with Startup Schwag it is a monthly subscription service where each package you get includes a shirt, stickers, and sometimes other little extras.  I highly recommend it for any geek.

For the last 5 months or so I have been getting packages from the new web service startup schwag which every month I get a package in the mail with a t-shirt from a startup and usually 5-6 stickers.

After getting stuff for a few months I was starting to have stickers laying around everywhere and that is when Allison got the idea of me turning them into magnets and putting them up on the fridge for all to enjoy.

web2.0 fridge

So today we went to hobby lobby, got some magnet sheets and within 20 min’s the fridge is now web 2.0’ized.

If anyone (company or individual) has some stickers they are looking to get off their hands and I could add to fridge 2.0 feel free to contact me 🙂