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The "Chewbacca Song"

This song plus video is all kinds of WIN! Have always been a chewie fan…but then again who isn’t? Enjoy.

In case you are wondering the band that plays this song is Supernova.


Oh this is classic!!!  I was cracking up!  Make sure you check this as I am pretty sure you have never heard the story of Star Wars told like this.

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

One geek I would love to hang out with and always find to have great stories and ideas is Wil Wheaton who you might remember as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek : TNG.

One of the stories out of his book “Happiest Days of Our Lives” is about trying to decide what Star Wars action figure he should get during a trip to the store with is mom, brother, and sister.

If you are like me and a geek from the 80’s you are gonna love this one.  Enjoy!

part 1

part 2

part 3

Thought I would throw a couple videos I have enjoyed the past few days…….

First is the calculator skit from SNL this past weekend

Second is “Jedi Gym” I found on YouTube

Hope you got some laughs and maybe help get over the hump of the work week.

This just overflows with geekiness!! Love It!!!  Warning – this song will get stuck in your head. hehe

[found on topless robot]

the vader project

The Vader Project brings Star Wars and art together by taking artists thoughts and ideas and putting them on the helmet of the dark lord of the sith Darth Vader. 

From the images and tv spots I have seen it looks like an awesome exhibit. Hopefully some day I will get to catch it live.

If you have had a chance to check it out let us know what you think?  have pics on flickr or somewhere?  share the link.  Below is a segment that was done on G4 showing the project it Japan.

the vader project

[The Vader Project – MySpace Page]

This is a pretty kool little video of the invasion of San Francisco by the Empire. Why did I not see this on CNN or MSNBC?

Hey what can I saw I am a sucker for Star Wars related humor. I of course got a good laugh out of this one. Nien Numb and Lando are some original gangsta’s! hehe

For all you Chad Vader fans out there like myself here is a new series of video’s with everyone’s favorite day shift manager. If you have never seen the Chad Vader episodes jump over to Blame Society Productions and check them out…they are great!

Found this old PSA about not smoking. I have to say I love the shot of R2D2 with his mechanical hand out holding a cigarette 🙂 anyways enjoy and maybe if you are old enough this takes you down memory lane.