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Have you ever wanted to find entries across the social web on a certain subject or keyword? Wanna see what maybe is being said about you or your brand? Enter Social Mention.

Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and microblogging services.

Services that are used in searches with Social Mention include:

* Google blog search
* Twitter
* Delicious
* FriendFeed
* Flickr
* Digg
* YouTube

Follow Social Mention on their blog and their twitter feed.


With a new week comes a week full of meetups which I must say is pretty exciting.  If you are in the Kansas City area and have a chance make sure to come visit with fellow bloggers, social media types, and geeks in general.  Here is a rundown of the meetups I plan to attend this week.

Tuesday (August 26th, 2008) – KC Bloggers Meetup [link]
75th Street Brewery – 5pm

This will be my first time at the bloggers gathering…look forward to meeting some local bloggers.

Wednesday (August 27th, 2008) – Social Media Meetup [link]
Perceptive Sofware – 5:30pm

There should be all types at this event….bloggers/podcasters/social media types/everyone else.  If you are into any of the aspects of social media or the social web try to come to this event.  hearing about all the planning for this event…this one should be a good one.  hope to see you there.

Friday (August 29th, 2008 – Social Media Breakfast [link]
Broadway Cafe in Westport – 7:30am

This is an event were we usually get together…discuss future events and ideas for meetups and such.  Come have some coffee, chat, and help come up with ideas for future events.

Friday (August 29th, 2008 – Kansas City Geek Out
Daily Dose in Olathe – 11:00pm

If you are a geek then this is the place to come hang out on Friday nights.  All geeks welcome….computer, security, comic book, gaming, whatever you geek out too come and share.  Always a good time.

So there you have it…a busy week of meetups here in the Kansas City area.  I am looking forward to them all as it is always great just hanging with others and meeting new people with different thoughts and ideas.

Hope to see you there.

the social geeks podcast

Last week I got an invitation to join The Social Geeks Podcast and their new round table discussions pertaining to social media and the social web.

On the first round table we had Chris aka idonotes, Corvida, Wayne Sutton, and of course myself with future guests to join us and give their insight.

I just wanted to take this chance to thank Chris and Corvida for the opportunity to be on the round table discussion and I look to future episodes coming soon.

Episode 6 : The Gathering and Hot Grits

What we talked about
* gartner hype cycle
* SocialGO – Social Network Maker
* Is Linking to Yourself the Future of the Web? – O’Reilly Radar

Ever wonder what exactly is social media? How Do I use it? How do I explain it to others?

common craft

Well enter CommonCraft who has been doing an awesome job lately of creating videos on subjects ranging from zombies all the way to rss or social bookmarking in plain english. They have been great and most of all informative which brings us to their most recent video which has to do with the subject of social media.

I am a big fan of social media and the social web as a whole so I think this video does a great job to show everyone the advantages of social media…so if you have a friend who asks you to explain social media…then point them to this video and all the other videos to help them understand a little better.

The Social Geeks Podcast is a new podcast which tackles the aspects of the “social web” taking a look at sites and services that are hot these days on the interweb. Social Geeks is presented by two individuals who are well known on the social web scene in Chris from The Social Networker and Corvida from Shegeeks.

Each episode (releasing about every two weeks is the plan as of now ) takes about 15-20 min to look over a site giving a rundown of it, what the hosts like, what they dont like, and what they think maybe could help improve the service. For the first episode they looked at Toluu which is a new service allowing users to discover new feeds they can adding to their daily reading as well as find others with similar interests.

When I asked Chris and Corvida to give me a tagline for the new show Chris replied with “social site reviews with a side of dipping sauce.” and Corvida added “your choice of bastage, awesomesauce, or bastagesauce”. Overall I think the hosts work very well reviewing the sites and giving their thoughts and I think this is a podcast I am gonna look forward to as each episode comes out….a short and to the point review with a wealth of information for us social web geeks.


Found this new site called Dipity which allows you to take all your favorite social service like twitter, flickr, your blog,, any rss feed you can think of and creates a timeline for ya. Obviously you have a page so you can share with your friends and the world so they can follow you.

Is it something I am gonna use daily like I do twitter or friendfeed I doubt it at this time…but hey for all us “social web” fans its another site to mess around with.

If you are like me when that new social service/social aggregator comes out you jump on it and add all your information or get all your friends on the service adding their information…its like social overload 🙂

Enter ther service friendfeedfeed which can be described from the following :

Too many social newtorking aggregators?

Aggregate all your social networking aggregator feeds into one aggregated feed of aggregator activity feeds!