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So this past Friday we had our monthly Social Media Club of Kansas City Breakfast and this month we had a guest speaker in Bryan Person who lead us in a discussion on Sponsored Conversations and we discussed the news on the FTC law pertaining to bloggers and disclosures.

Check out the video below to see how the discussion went.

Got a little chuckle out of this video for the S.M.A.A


Are you one of the millions of people whose lives have been ruined by a never-ending torrent of tweets, friend requests and ‘Which kind of pasta are you?’ quizzes? Then it’s time you joined the Social Media Addicts Association.

SMAA is run by reformed social media addicts who all had the courage to stand up and admit to their problem. Will you stop poking people you haven’t seen since college, and join us?

“I know she will poke me back”

One of the local social media companies here in Kansas City Spiral 16 did a blog post and had this slide show that I thought was pretty kool. 

Check it out to get some pretty amazing numbers dealing with social media and all the social media site out there today.

[from Sprial 16]

The Social Media Club of KC had their monthly breakfast yesterday. This month we had the opportunity to go to the Kansas City Cafe [twitter] which is a pretty kool place with some great food and a great staff. So check them out sometime.

This month we got to hear from Whitney Mathews who works for Spiral16. She talked about tools she uses professionally as well as personally. Check out the video below…

As always it was a great breakfast with some new faces which is always kool. If you have not had a chance to come out to a breakfast we hope to see you out at one of the future events. It is always a great time with a bunch of great people.

Jump over to the website for more information on the group as well as future events as well as you can follow the smckc on twitter or the hashtag #smckc.


I recently purchased an rss pillow from Craftsquatch and thought you know what would be kool is to get other pillows with social media themes.  Well not much later I discovered you can now get pillows with the FriendFeed, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Myspace logo’s!!!  How kool is that?

Now I just need to get some cash together to purchase these and turn my living room into a social media mecca! 🙂

[grab them here]

smckc logo

So this morning we had the monthly social media club kansas city breakfast at Crown Center here in Kansas City. There was a great crowd with some new faces as well as the regulars.

We split into two groups with one talking about social media and the law (I believe) which I think Chris (aka Duckman1221) took some video and I was in the group that talked a little video blogging and a little social media tools.

As I had mentioned it was a great breakfast and if you were unable to attend here is a little bit of the action and we hope to see you back soon and for all the new faces we hope to see you again.

Whitney Mathews of Spiral16 also had a nice recap with some pictures from the event as well so check those out.

local Kansas City company Spiral 16 recently did a presentation on how social media monitoring can benefit your business – and how to do it successfully. Below is the presentation they did.

Some great information and if you are a company looking to understand or get a better grip of your social media presence I highly recommend you check out Spiral 16.

Going to the social media breakfasts here in KC I have discovered some great companies right here in the area that can help companies or individuals looking to jump into the social media scene.

Below is a list of some of those companies in the area with their twitter accounts listed as well as some of the individuals that are a part of each of them. Be sure to check them out.


Ideas And Angles
Ideas and Angles helps people and businesses in Kansas City connect with their customers on a new level. Leveraging social media tools and emerging technologies to assist marketing efforts. [twitter]

Zach Cobb
Chris Culbertson


The Social Lites

The Social Lites, Inc. was formed in early 2008 as a solution for businesses and organizations looking to successfully implement social media and networking into their web marketing campaigns. Our goal is to help your company achieve a strong web presence by helping you correctly utilize social media to promote your products, services, and ideas. By building relationships with your audience through social media, you can increase sales, gain supporters for your cause, and attain better search engine results. We can show you how!

Jenn Bailey
Christina Maki
Shelby Garlock


LightThread is a next generation, services, platform and intellectual venture capital company specializing in strategy, innovative applications and building connections between businesses. [twitter]

Lisa Qualls
Zena Weist
Vince Vaughn
Simon Kuo
Johnathan Hand


Spiral16 is an informatic software development company with one goal: to create innovative business intelligence tools that help you manage the impact of your enterprise.[twitter]

Whitney Mathews


Ok kids it is that time….time for our monthly social media club kc breakfast.  If you are into social media or looking to learn about social media or maybe just want to have breakfast with a group of awesome people then this is the place to be.

We will be meeting at First Watch in Westport around 7:30am Friday (2/6) so make sure you jump over to the SMCKC site and rsvp so we can get an early count of how many to expect.

Hope to see you all there!