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To everyones suprise we got the hold gang together and did a new episode of The Social Geeks.

For this episode we talked about Facebook privacy, Sprint EVO, and location based services.

[Episode 26 – Extra Virgin Olive Oil]

We had Chris Miller, Wayne Sutton, Sarah Perez, Corvida, Caleb Elston, and of course myself!


So last night we got together for a recording of a new episode of The Social Geeks Podcast.

It was myself, Chris (idonotes), and Alan Lepofsky

We discussed some of the following :

Google tests a new Google Voice desktop app
Location awareness and Foursquare cheaters
Daniel Brusilovsky steps down from Teens In Tech
LooptPulse for Blackberry
Farmville causes real debt
Parents rights over their kid’s Facebook account

[Listen to the show here]


So everyone’s favorite podcast The Social Geeks has just launched a new blog that we the Social Geeks gang will be posting to called Everything Real-Time where you can get the latest on all that is the rage having to do with the real time web.

We plan to cover services, tools, and apps that can help you control and get the best out of all you social streams.

Have something you think we might be interested in to share with everyone out there?  Feel free to contact one of us or you can even go over and contact us on twitter @erealtime.

Like everyone else I get daily emails saying so and so is following me on twitter and then I have to make the decision do I follow them back? Are they just a spammer or maybe they don’t say much that you would be interested or maybe they say to much?

Follow Cost is here to help you determine what kind of noise you are gonna get by adding this person to your twitter feed by measuring in milliscobles (see explination below).

A person’s follow cost is calculated in terms of milliscobles, named after technology personality and prolific Twitterer Robert Scoble.

One milliscoble is defined as 1/1000th of the average daily Twitter status updates by Robert Scoble.

When I put in jeffisageek to check my follow cost it spit back 7.44 (Daily Average) or 351.00 milliscobles how does this compare to others? Lets look at my fellow broadcasters from The Social Geeks Podcast.

Daily Average
Corvida – 18.88
Louis Gray – 3.70
Sarah Perez – 5.16
Wayne Sutton -20.65
Chris Miller – 5.79
Caleb Elston – 2.09

Now is this a tool that is gonna take over the interweb? No. Is it a fun little thing to maybe see which of your friends creates the most noise on twitter? Yes.

Check out your Follow Cost and post it up on the comments


The gang recently got togather to record a new episode of The Social Geeks Podcast. In this episode we talked about Chrome, Toluu adding tags, TweetStats, Tweenky, and a few other things.

Joining in the roundtable we had IdoNotes, Corvida, Wayne Sutton, myself, Sarahintampa, and Louis Gray.

Listen Here – [episode 7 – TSG – The Ninja and Stranded at the Beach]

the social geeks podcast

Last week I got an invitation to join The Social Geeks Podcast and their new round table discussions pertaining to social media and the social web.

On the first round table we had Chris aka idonotes, Corvida, Wayne Sutton, and of course myself with future guests to join us and give their insight.

I just wanted to take this chance to thank Chris and Corvida for the opportunity to be on the round table discussion and I look to future episodes coming soon.

Episode 6 : The Gathering and Hot Grits

What we talked about
* gartner hype cycle
* SocialGO – Social Network Maker
* Is Linking to Yourself the Future of the Web? – O’Reilly Radar