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If you have not had a chance to check out the Social Media Club of Kansas City yet and you are a social media user, fan, or newbie then you should come see what it is all about!

This Friday we will be having our monthly breakfast and it is a great time to meet some of the members and get more information on the club.

This month we will be having a couple kool things happening with a presentation by the local company emfluence , some demonstrations of cards that are using the augmented reality technology, as well as hear from the SMCKC board on how things are going for the inaugural board (which I am the tech chair for).

The breakfast is this Friday (Feb 5th) at the Kansas City Cafe from 7:30am to 9:00am.  Hope to see you there and hey if you can’t make it we also have a live stream of the event as well.

[breakfast info & rsvp]

note: if you have any other questions please feel free to leave me a comment on here or shoot me a message on twitter.


November SMCKC Breakfast

So I didn’t get to go to the monthly SMCKC breakfast due to a work conflict which actually was the first time I had not been to one of the breakfasts since the very first one at Homer’s where we had like 7 people there (things have come along way).

This breakfast the committee gave a little introduction and talked about what they see for the year coming up (minus me of course) but Ryan was a very good stand in.

Here is a little video from the breakfast……

Another kool thing at this months breakfast was KCTV5 came and did a little interview with new SMCKC President Lisa Qualls. Check out the video here.

So we in the Social Media Club of Kansas City recently decided we wanted to work to take the group to the next level and we felt one step towards that was to get an executive board to help run things and to have certain people in charge of different duties within the group.

This past Friday at the monthly SMCKC breakfast the winners were announced I was voted in as the Technology Chairperson.

What does that mean you say? Here is a little snip it of the duties I will have:

– Maintain and update SMCKC website
– Manage and expand online presence through various social networking sites
– Coordinate event technology (i.e. sound systems, projectors, wi-fi etc)
– Coordinate media such as video and photography when needed
– Manage and be responsible for the Technology Committee

Other people voted into the SMCKC Executive Board

President: Lisa Qualls
Vice-President: Ryan Flannagan
Awareness Chairperson: Whitney Mathews
Education Chairperson: Mark Van Baale
Industry Leader/Adoption of Standards Chairperson: Michael Burns
Advocacy Chairperson: Jenn Bailey

I would just like to thank everyone who voted for me and who feel like I can contribute to the club in this fashion. It has been great to see the SMCKC grow from a breakfast of about 7 of us one morning to a group that is at almost 800 members…very kool!

Now one thing I want to do is find some people who would like to help me out with the technology side of things…If you would like to be part of the committee please feel to contact me either via twitter or shoot me an email. Would love to have you.

So this past Friday we had our monthly Social Media Club of Kansas City Breakfast and this month we had a guest speaker in Bryan Person who lead us in a discussion on Sponsored Conversations and we discussed the news on the FTC law pertaining to bloggers and disclosures.

Check out the video below to see how the discussion went.

smcKC BP-headshot

So tomorrow morning is the monthly breakfast for the social media club of Kansas City which just keeps getting bigger and better each month. This month will once again take place at the Kansas City Cafe and last I checked we were flirting with a 60+ crowd that will be in attendance! Very Kool!

Now this month is a little special as we will one be announcing the new Executive Board for the group after a couple weeks of voting and we will also be having s special guest speaker in Bryan Person [follow him on twitter].

Who is Brian you you ask? Well here is a little bit of info about him from his website:

My name is Bryan Person, and I am passionate about social media. I write and speak about how the tools, tactics, and culture of social media can be used to drive customer conversations and build strong communities.

I am a blogger. is a a mix of practical advice for using social media, commentary on the goings-on in other marketing/PR/community blogs and podcasts, and reflections from in-person networking events/conferences that I attend and organize.

I am a podcaster. New Comm Road was a program where I explained how to use the tools of social media and integrate them into your company’s communications strategy. I’ve also done event podcasting, including most recently at the 2008 Community 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas.

I am a community and event organizer. I believe that a big part of the power of social media happens when online conversations turn into face-to-face meetings. To that end, I organize monthly Social Media Breakfasts for Boston’s online PR, marketing, and entrepreneurial community. I also work with community leaders in other cities who want to launch their own Social Media Breakfast series.

I am a speaker. I present at conferences, unconferences, and to organizations about the latest trends and best practices in social media. I also speak about the ways that the connected worker can use social media and online social networks to build their personal brand and raise their professional profile.

So as always it should be a great morning…all are welcome….and we look forward to seeing old faces as well as new faces in the crowd.

The Social Media Club of KC had their monthly breakfast yesterday. This month we had the opportunity to go to the Kansas City Cafe [twitter] which is a pretty kool place with some great food and a great staff. So check them out sometime.

This month we got to hear from Whitney Mathews who works for Spiral16. She talked about tools she uses professionally as well as personally. Check out the video below…

As always it was a great breakfast with some new faces which is always kool. If you have not had a chance to come out to a breakfast we hope to see you out at one of the future events. It is always a great time with a bunch of great people.

Jump over to the website for more information on the group as well as future events as well as you can follow the smckc on twitter or the hashtag #smckc.

smckc logo

So this morning we had the monthly social media club kansas city breakfast at Crown Center here in Kansas City. There was a great crowd with some new faces as well as the regulars.

We split into two groups with one talking about social media and the law (I believe) which I think Chris (aka Duckman1221) took some video and I was in the group that talked a little video blogging and a little social media tools.

As I had mentioned it was a great breakfast and if you were unable to attend here is a little bit of the action and we hope to see you back soon and for all the new faces we hope to see you again.

Whitney Mathews of Spiral16 also had a nice recap with some pictures from the event as well so check those out.


Thats right its that time again for the monthly meetup of the social media club of Kansas City. This month we will be hitting up Crown Center for the breakfast which will start at 7:30am.

For more information plus to RSVP so we can get a good headcount head over the the website and let us know you will or you might be able to join us.

As usual the event is free to everyone and all are welcome. If you are interested in or want to learn about social media this is the place to be. Always a good time.

Feel free to hit me up on twitter or email me if you have any questions.

Had a great discussion at this months smckc breakfast. Check out the video below…


To all you social media types in Kansas City it is that time again when we all get together for some food, fellowship, and fun!

As always the event is open to all and free (besides what you want to purchase food wise).  There will be some discussion on a topic around social media and you can meet some of those peeps you follow on that little service called twitter.

below are a few more details on the event and if you could jump over the the smckc site and rsvp so we can get a count that would be great.

Hope to see you there!

Time: May 1, 2009 from 7:30am to 9am
Location: First Watch – North Kansas City
Street: 409 Armour Road
City/Town: North Kansas City, MO 64116