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Today Corvida from SheGeeks gave me the opportunity to do a guest post on her awesome (or awesomesauce) blog.

I was thankful for the chance and went ahead and wrote about the new integration of seesmic video comments within your disqus comments. For the title I went with a play on words – “Visually Disqus’n – Disqus Integrates Seesmic” – thought that was good.

So with that said head over to SheGeeks – check out my post and subscribe to the rss feed as well.

Thanks Corvida!



Just wanted to wish my online friend Corvida from for her first post on ReadWriteWeb. Very kool and look forward to seeing more posts from her on RWW.

If you dont know Corvida make sure you add her on twitter and also make sure you grab the rss feed for shegeeks as she is a great person who I always have some great conversations and she is great at having informative posts as well.

Good Job and Awesomesauce!

The Social Geeks Podcast is a new podcast which tackles the aspects of the “social web” taking a look at sites and services that are hot these days on the interweb. Social Geeks is presented by two individuals who are well known on the social web scene in Chris from The Social Networker and Corvida from Shegeeks.

Each episode (releasing about every two weeks is the plan as of now ) takes about 15-20 min to look over a site giving a rundown of it, what the hosts like, what they dont like, and what they think maybe could help improve the service. For the first episode they looked at Toluu which is a new service allowing users to discover new feeds they can adding to their daily reading as well as find others with similar interests.

When I asked Chris and Corvida to give me a tagline for the new show Chris replied with “social site reviews with a side of dipping sauce.” and Corvida added “your choice of bastage, awesomesauce, or bastagesauce”. Overall I think the hosts work very well reviewing the sites and giving their thoughts and I think this is a podcast I am gonna look forward to as each episode comes out….a short and to the point review with a wealth of information for us social web geeks.

Wanted to thank Covida from over at SheGeeks for giving me the coveted awesomesauce approval! Its always to be recognized by a fellow blogger. If you are not familiar with Corvida or SheGeeks make sure you check her and her site out…great content!

awesome sauce approved!