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My New Geek Schwag!!!

Just ordered this shirt to add to my collection.  Check it out at ThinkGeek.


If there is anyone else out there that would like for me to show off their schwag at the local meetups and tweetups hit me up and I can promote you stuff!


Well its that time again – The arrival of the startup schwag bag of the month. Watch the video below to see what we got!

Shirt of the Month
Yammer – brings twitter-style functionality to the office.


As I mentioned yesterday in my video post I just wanted to again thank the gang over at Disqus for the schwag they sent me yesterday. Always kool to get some schwag from a service that you use and really really like. I will wear it with pride.

My disqus schwag

I have really enjoyed using disqus and cant praise it enough…if from the service itself to the great community/support that is provided.

If you get a chance to add it to your blog or sign up for an account do it…I think it is an awesome service to bring comments a life of their own.

Put this little video togather talking about schwag I got from disqus today, the new podcast The Social Geeks, and BarcampKC which is coming up this weekend. Not sure what was us with the lightness/darkness but it is tolerable. 🙂 Enjoy

schwaggin wagon

I was doing my normal daily surfing of the interweb and I came across a pretty kool service that helps kids that are a little less fortunate as some of us geeks by providing them schwag from around the web and all the geek conferences that go on year round.

Schwaggin Wagon as it is called recently rented a van, decided on a charity to help out which is InnerKids, and is debuting this week at the Web 2.0 Expo (good place to start as I am sure there is a lot of schwag to grab there.

the schwaggin wagon

I think this is a great service and a great way for us geeks to give back to the community so others can show off their geek pride.  So make sure you visit the Schwaggin Wagon at a conference soon or check them out as they are on twitter, facebook, and of course the site itself.