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So if you follow the tech blogs around the interweb you will surely have noticed the talk of the real-time web and the part that services like PubSubHubBub and RSSCloud could play in all of this.  I really has become one of the hot stories us geeks are talking about.

TechCruch has a story they put out recently “RSSCloud Vs. PubSubHubbub: Why The Fat Pings Win” where they looked at the pluses and minuses of each technology.

PubSubHubBub description on wikipedia – “PubSubHubbub is an open protocol for distributed Publish/subscribe communication on the internet. The protocol extends the Atom and RSS protocols for data feeds. The main purpose is to provide near-instant notifications of change updates, which would improve on the typical situation where a client periodically polls the feed server at some arbitrary interval.

ReadWriteWeb had a snipit about RSSCloud – “RSSCloud is an element that’s always been present in the RSS 2.0 spec but has drawn new attention with the rise of interest in the Real-Time Web.

Now as bloggers we always want to get our information and blog posts out as quick as possible and for those of us who use WordPress there are a couple plugins that we can use to take advantage of both of these types of technologies at least till maybe we get a winner in the discussion of which is better for the masses.

The two simple plugins (which i have both installed on (jeff) are:

RSS Cloud


On a side note can I just say I love saying PubSubHubBub 🙂


My New RSS Pillow

So the other day I found a link to some geeky pillows that included one with the rss logo on it.  I felt that one being a geek and two loving rss it was only right that I check this stuff out. 🙂

So I clicked on the link which took me to Etsy and to what was a sight for my geeky eyes!!  I thought now that is the pillow for me so with that said….I purchased it.

Here are some pics with my new geeky rss pillow



Just wanted to thank Craftquatch for the awesome pillow and I will be looking for some new geeky designs from you in the future.


I have created two ways for people to follow what I am finding interesting out there with everyone’s rss feeds by creating a link blog that you too can subscribe to and get all the great content that I find while reading all my sources.

The first way to get my stories is to subscribe to the rss feed and the other is to grab the twitter feed I have created and then the stories will show up in your favorite twitter app.

So there ya go…don’t have time to read through a ton of rss feeds but want to know what is going on then this could be the answer for you.

Hope you enjoy and find some great stuff in the process.

Over the last few weeks I have been playing around with a lot and have to say its a fun little service.  Not gonna change the world or find a cure for cancer but a kool little service.

Once thing I didnt like was not having an rss feed to throw into google reader or on my friendfeed to know when a contact had updated.

So for that I went to Yahoo Pipes and the 12seconds API.  Armed with that and help from my buddy Olivier you now can get that information.  Its a simple feed with not a lot of information but it does what I need and that is updating me via rss.

note : all you need to do is go into the source code and take my username out unless you want my friends updates hehe.

enjoy and if you come up with or find something better please do let me know!

[get the pipe here]

A day after I got the awesome chance to be a guest on readerburner weekly live! I was also given the honor of throwing a guest post together for the readburner blog.

The post was created out of a discussion we had on the show about using google shared items to get your stories from the blogosphere and I shared with the others how I had taken and unsubscribed from all my feeds then turned around used google shared items, readburner feeds, twitter, and friendfeed to get my stream under control.

So with that said jump over to the blog post titled “How I Unsubscribed From Every Blog” and leave a comment.

Thanks to everyone who reads the post, comments, listened to the show, or just subscribes to my feed…you guys rock!

Oh and thanks to Phil from Skribin for validating that “I love the stream

One of the sites I use on a daily if not hourly basis these days is RSSmeme which up till recently took Shared Items in Google Reader to track recent or popular stories…but that all just changed.

Benjamin announced on the RSSmeme blog today that the service will now start tracking Delicious, Digg, Diigo, FriendFeed, Google Shared Stuff, Magnolia, Mister Wong, Mixx, Netvibes  and StumbleUpon.   (with reddit hopefully added soon.)

How do you get your stuff shared?   Its easy just either sign up for a friendfeed account or add one of the services to your friendfeed accounts and you are in business.  That simple.

I think this is an awesome addition to the service and another way to follow whats new and hot out there on the interweb.

Over the weekend my friends Corvida and J. Phil devised a plan to reset their rss feeds and purge some of the excess feeds they had lying around….I have to admit I was having the same issue.

So with that said this morning I decided to join the revolution, purge all my feeds from google reader, and restart my rss addiction. I have to say it was a pretty nice feeling to have a clean slate to start with.

So now where do I go from here? What do I add back? Well to start I have added feeds from Readburner, RSSmeme, and of course I have all my shared feeds from people using google reader. I am also using the yahoo pipe for my friendfeed feed w/o twitter….so I ask myself do I need anything else to follow the web? You know I am not sure…throw twitter into the mix and I might have all the feeds I need to keep me happy…but I am sure like I said having an addiction to rss I will find myself adding more feeds in the coming days but for the most part I hope the purge has helped me get rid of some of the feeds I probably was not even checking out on a monthly basis.

What do you think of the concept? Do you think you might do the same? What are you gonna subscribe back to once you purge everything? Lets discuss or disqus.

[note: make sure you follow me on toluu to find out which feeds I end up adding back to my rss 2.0]

Toluu Adds Filtering


Everyone favorite neighborhood rss discovery service Toluu has added filtering to mix of things with some new updates they pushed out. You can filter by – feeds, contacts, favorites, and of course all.

Oh and that is not all!!! They rolled out 9 new rss feed options including an rss feed for each filter you can apply.

some great options and another way you can help Toluu work for you. Keep it up Caleb!

[invites] need an invite to toluu?  just comment on here and make sure you leave me your email address.

rss awareness day

Well kids today is the day that make everyone aware of the greatness of RSS…I am proud to say I am an rss addict and love finding new feeds to pull into google reader feeding my addiction like it is crack.

Seriously though take this day to share your love of RSS with someone unfamiliar with it or point them to this post and allow them to learn a little about rss.

Below is a nice video that describes in plain english and might be better to share with your friends rather then breaking into an rss rant 🙂

RSS Awareness Day Links

What are some of your favorite feeds? What aggregator do you use? Are you addicted to RSS like me? Share your story. Also today might be a good day to get setup with Toluu which is a community to help you find new feeds to follow…its in private beta but if you would like an invite leave a comment with your email addy and I will shoot one your way!

Every once in awhile I like to pimp out my linkblog because one I think I find some pretty good stuff and two I have had a lot of new readers recently and thought I would share with them for the first time.

If you are unfamiliar with what a linkblog is basically its a collection of stories I find on the internet that are mainly about tech but can include something on the more geeky side or even something newsworthy…just depends.

I like to share the linkblog to help others find the hot stories in the tech/social media web and also maybe allow others to discover new feeds they can check out.  And hey if you dont feel like subscribing to a lot of feeds to keep you rss reader from hitting critical mass this could be something for you as well.

If this sounds interesting to you by all means grab the rss feed and see if you discover some new stuff.  Feel free to leave a comment and give your experiences with the linkblog.

I thought this after my initial post but if you have a linkblog feel free to pimp it out in the comments as well for all to subscribe to.