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The gang over at Readburner today announced a new tinyURL service called BurnURL which like other services will shrink url’s to sites that have long web addresses making it easier to share, tweet, and use all those new micro services that limit the amount of characters available.

Now with BurnURL that is where the comparison ends with other services like tinyURL,, ect.  With burnURL when you share a link your followers are given the linked page but also they get a ShareBar.


When you click a BurnURL, the experience is a bit different than most shorteners.  You’ll see what we call the “ShareBar,” which includes convenient links to share the story on popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Digg, a hit count showing how many times the link has been visited, and options to vote the story up or down and see the overall rating from visitors.  As you can imagine, all of these actions and data points create an opportunity to do lots of interesting stuff, and get back to something similar to the original ReadBurner.

To try out the ShareBar click this link to a post on my site

So what do you think of BurnURL? Is it something that you will replace your current service you use to shorten your links?

I have always been big fans of the guys over at ReadBurner so I look forward to checking it out as well as I like the idea of adding a bigger social aspect to all the links I share in my tweets on a daily basis.

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A day after I got the awesome chance to be a guest on readerburner weekly live! I was also given the honor of throwing a guest post together for the readburner blog.

The post was created out of a discussion we had on the show about using google shared items to get your stories from the blogosphere and I shared with the others how I had taken and unsubscribed from all my feeds then turned around used google shared items, readburner feeds, twitter, and friendfeed to get my stream under control.

So with that said jump over to the blog post titled “How I Unsubscribed From Every Blog” and leave a comment.

Thanks to everyone who reads the post, comments, listened to the show, or just subscribes to my feed…you guys rock!

Oh and thanks to Phil from Skribin for validating that “I love the stream

Just wanted to take this time to thank Drew and Adam for allowing me to come on Readburner Weekly Live! and talk about a few topics as well as talk about the new widget they are pushing out in the next week for everyone to throw up on their blog.

If you missed the live show you can check it out below.  Let me know what you think….and once again had a great time and look forward to maybe joining up with them again sometime.

Hey everyone I just wanted to put a post up letting you know I will be a guest on this weeks episode of Readburner Weekly Live so make sure you jump on the call over at talkshoe tonight at 10pm eastern/7pm pacific.

I am a big fan of the show and look forward to being able to join Adam, Drew, and Thomas.

I am a huge user of Google Reader, Shared Items, Linkblogs, and so on and have been really happy with services like RSSmeme and Readburner that are taking users shared items from google reader and making some great sites in the social news arena…better then sites like digg and mixx in my opinion.

My issue so far though with both of these services has been which do I give my most time to?  Do I use both?  It has been a tough question….but I have to say RSSmeme has taken the lead as of late due to their addition of notes (a new feature within google reader) and also RSSmeme allows you to create a custom rss feed of stories shared via your friends on friendfeed which I think is a really kool little feature to have.

update: as I am writing this post I see where benjamin (who created rssmeme) is looking for someone to write a wordpress plugin that will pull all of the notes for an article out of RSSmeme and onto your blog.

So what do you all think?  Which are you using?  What do you like/dislike?  Lets discuss (or disqus).

readburner logo
One of my favorite sites these days is Readburner which takes users linkblogs or Google Shared Items (video of how it works with google reader)and creates a kind of digg like/social news site where you can see whats hot in the blogosphere.

A few months back creator Alexander Marktl announced he was closing the service down which was kind of a bummer since I was enjoying the site…but then Adam Ostrow, Drew Olanoff, Thomas Connors came along to revive the site and recently have been adding new features just improving on the original vision of Alexander.

Two you should check out are they have made readburner available via your mobile device….which i have enjoyed checking out when sitting around waiting for a table at a restaurant or traveling somewhere (of course I am not driving 🙂 )

readburner mobile

The other feature I really geeked out to when I saw it was that readburner now allows you to comment to posts via disqus which if you follow me on twitter or my blog you know is one of my favorite new web apps to use these days.  On a side not I would love to see the gang over at disqus go mobile as well….add that to my wishlist…maybe even #1 on the list.


I am a HUGE google reader fan and use it daily and hourly on top of that. I recently started sharing items that I found going through my hundreds of feeds and creating a linkblog that could be shared to all my readers.

Google reader helps me fuel my rss and information addictions but of course I am always on the search for more! That is where the new site ReadBurner comes in…basically aggregating google shared items from all over the net…showing what stories are currently the most popular now, this week, and all time.


The funny thing about the service is it is in the very very very early alpha stages but was discovered and outed 🙂 of course a big plus for us! On a side note with it being in alpha it already seems like a very good web app that will only get better.

Here is a note from the developer Alexander Marktl

Hi folks!
Due to a mistake my hobby project Readburner got leaked today. Louis Gray somehow found my site, which is hosted on an Amazon EC2 server (heck I didn’t even had registered a domain name and don’t know if I’m happy with my codename). This site is obviously still in very early development. If traffic comes it will clearly go down. Moreover my parsing technolgy is still not tested, so don’t wonder if strange things happens.

I’m not gonna close the site anyway. In the Internet you cannot hide anything that’s leaked, so be it. Let’s see is as an experiment how fast a site can spread through the Google Reader shared items, which is what ReadBurner aims to aggregate.

If you are into checking out linkblogs, sharing items in google, or just finding those new tech stories make sure you check out ReadBurner.

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