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So last night we got together for a recording of a new episode of The Social Geeks Podcast.

It was myself, Chris (idonotes), and Alan Lepofsky

We discussed some of the following :

Google tests a new Google Voice desktop app
Location awareness and Foursquare cheaters
Daniel Brusilovsky steps down from Teens In Tech
LooptPulse for Blackberry
Farmville causes real debt
Parents rights over their kid’s Facebook account

[Listen to the show here]


Help Me Create A Podcast

Hello everyone out there on the interweb!! I need your help. I was sitting here today and I thought you know what would be kinda kool and geeky is to take audio from a bunch of people and create a podcast with it…have people submit whatever (shout outs, pimp something, tell a joke, tell a story, whatever) and then mix it up and release it to the masses.

So with that said lets see if we can do this thing!!! There are two ways:

1 – send me a recorded mp3, wav, ect to

2 – call 913.712.9457 and leave a message that I can pull into the podcast.

Will this take off? I hope so! Or it could just FAIL!!! hehe but what the heck I thought it could be fun to try and who knows maybe it can become multiple episodes.

My new favorite podcast these days is FFundercats which has a tagline of “A FriendFeedic Convergence Of FFunderous Proportions“.

Who makes up the FFundercats?  Well you have Josh Haley, Mark Wilson, and last but certainly not least John Worthington who with the help from various FriendFeeder’s discuss subjects from Star Wars or Lego to FriendFeed itself.

Its a fun little podcast that for me just enhances my use of FriendFeed and brings the community even closer.

If you are part of the FriendFeed community or just looking for a humorous and fun podcast make sure you add them to your list of podcasts to follow.

Its that time again and a new episode of The Social Geeks podcast is live.  This week we switched over and started using talkshoe so that we could have people listen in live to the show as well as give us real time comments and maybe even join in!  So make sure you watch my twitter stream and I will let everyone know when we are recording and you can join in on the fun.

With that said we have just released episode 9 to the masses so go over and check it out.  This week along with myself there was Chris (aka idonotes) and Caleb Elston from Toluu.  Some of the subjects covered included FriendFeed going real-time, Micro-Blogging in the Enterprise, Social Mention, and Mecca the new browser for the mac.

[Check it out here] or as always you can subscribe on iTunes.

I have decided to take a stab at producing a podcast with a little commentary, links, and whatever else. Conisder this the pilot and just messing around with the different settings and throwing some links out there. keep an eye out for new episodes.

My Links:

Links from show:
Social Media Club KC
Highlight Midwest



The gang recently got togather to record a new episode of The Social Geeks Podcast. In this episode we talked about Chrome, Toluu adding tags, TweetStats, Tweenky, and a few other things.

Joining in the roundtable we had IdoNotes, Corvida, Wayne Sutton, myself, Sarahintampa, and Louis Gray.

Listen Here – [episode 7 – TSG – The Ninja and Stranded at the Beach]

Just wanted to take this time to thank Drew and Adam for allowing me to come on Readburner Weekly Live! and talk about a few topics as well as talk about the new widget they are pushing out in the next week for everyone to throw up on their blog.

If you missed the live show you can check it out below.  Let me know what you think….and once again had a great time and look forward to maybe joining up with them again sometime.

Hey everyone I just wanted to put a post up letting you know I will be a guest on this weeks episode of Readburner Weekly Live so make sure you jump on the call over at talkshoe tonight at 10pm eastern/7pm pacific.

I am a big fan of the show and look forward to being able to join Adam, Drew, and Thomas.

The Social Geeks Podcast is a new podcast which tackles the aspects of the “social web” taking a look at sites and services that are hot these days on the interweb. Social Geeks is presented by two individuals who are well known on the social web scene in Chris from The Social Networker and Corvida from Shegeeks.

Each episode (releasing about every two weeks is the plan as of now ) takes about 15-20 min to look over a site giving a rundown of it, what the hosts like, what they dont like, and what they think maybe could help improve the service. For the first episode they looked at Toluu which is a new service allowing users to discover new feeds they can adding to their daily reading as well as find others with similar interests.

When I asked Chris and Corvida to give me a tagline for the new show Chris replied with “social site reviews with a side of dipping sauce.” and Corvida added “your choice of bastage, awesomesauce, or bastagesauce”. Overall I think the hosts work very well reviewing the sites and giving their thoughts and I think this is a podcast I am gonna look forward to as each episode comes out….a short and to the point review with a wealth of information for us social web geeks.

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