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So one thing I have been wanting to have with me on the go and on my Palm Pre is the ability to chat with my Facebook friends via Facebook Chat.

Well now I am happy to report there is a patch that allows you to do just that!

Basically, apply the patch the go into the Messaging app. In there, add a new account with the username in the format <username> with your password being your facebook password.  So take note, you’ll need to enable/set a Facebook username on your Facebook account if you haven’t yet.

This patch works by altering the hosts file on your device to make your device think “” is “”. Thanks to Facebook’s chat service now using jabber (the same that GTalk uses) just adding a GTalk account in the Messaging app gets full Facebook Chat working!  Oh, and don’t worry, regular GTalk accounts will still work fine; there doesn’t seem to be any negative side effects of the patch.

All you need to install is first the patch and then WebOS Quick Install.  Install the patch, login, and you are set!  I have used it a few times already and it is great.

[Facebook Chat patch]

[found via PreCentral]


So I have to say I was a little disappointed when Google Buzz launched last week and it looked like us Palm Pre users were gonna be out of luck using the mobile edition.

Well I am happy to say that now we are able to by using the following url

Now the only feature so far that I can see that doesn’t work on the Pre is the location based stuff which really I am ok with.  At this time I am happy with having the mobile version at my finger tips.

[found via]

So recently I upgraded to the newest version of WebOS and noticed an issue when I went to install new apps from the app store.  Now first let me say I don’t know if this is a pre-update issue, a 1.3.5 or issue or what but I just know it has happened to a couple of my friends.

It appears to be related to people who have downloaded homebrew apps and after the fix of the app limit and some files not moving over or something it is causing you to either have applications look like the are installing fine or they install and then get an error tied to the launch icon.

So how do you fix it?  Well after heading over to the forums I was able to find the perfect solution that has helped myself plus a few others.  So if you are having issues getting new apps installed give this a whirl and it might just work out for ya!

1. Go into Preware and remove Luna Manager. 
2. Remove Preware using Orange + tap Preware icon. 
3. Then use WebOS Quick Install to remove Package Manager. 
4. Restart your phone (full restart). 
5. Then use WebOS Quick Install to reinstall Package Manager. 
6. Use WebOS Quick Install to reinstall Preware. 
7. Use WebOS Quick Install to reinstall Luna Manager. 
8. Luna Restart your phone.
9. Use Preware to install Emergency Migration Helper (phone will do auto Luna Restart).
10. Delete any failed installs on your phone using Orange + tap icon with ! on it.
11. Hopefully you can now download apps from the app catalog.

And as always if you have any questions or need anymore help just hit me up on here or on twitter.

I found a pretty kool little app that lets me listen to some of my favorite radio stations here in Kansas City as well as listen to other stations all over the country and world.  Its called RadioTime and it is free from the app store.

Now I already have a couple apps that allow me to play streaming music on my Pre like Pandora and Radio Hibiki but there were a couple local stations I wanted to be able to listen to but was unable to find a way to stream them without a player via the browser on my laptop.   RadioTime fixed all of that and now I can listen to them anytime and anywhere (or atleast where i can get a signal).

One of the kool features of the app is its ability to find local stations based on your GPS as well so say you are in a town and have no idea what the local stations are…bam!  The app gets that for ya.  You can of course also listen to your favorite stations from say home while on the road by setting up presets.

So overall a nice app that allows me to find some local radio and stream it via my phone, its free (besides some banner ads), and it also allows me to discover other stations that I might like as well, and uses location based search too.

[found via]



So one of the applications I have been really been looking forward to on my Palm Pre is a native app for Foursquare.   Well kids it is an early alpha version but now we  Palm Pre owners can load up the new Foursquare app!!!

Still testing out all the options and features but so far it appears you can do everything from checking in to adding venues.

[Foursquare – github]

Are you on Foursquare?  Then add me as a friend…you can find me here.

So today I wake up and pull up my rss reader to find a post on about using an application called Precorder to record video right from my Palm Pre!!!!  Now all I could say to that was SWEET!!!!!

Precorder has been developed to bridge the gap between the current revision of WebOS and a future release that will enable video recording. It is capable of recording in multiple combinations of audio and video and includes support for using the built-in LED for lumination while recording in dark areas. Video recorded with Precorder is viewable through Palms built in video application.

So after loading all that I needed I recorded my first video and here it is…..

First 12second video on my palm pre (in landscape) on

Now how can you get video setup on your Pre? Well first remember this is in Alpha so it is still buggy, needs tweaks, and not fully tested so things CAN go wrong…so make sure you are aware of that.

Once you have accepted that you will need to install via WebOS quick install (not available in the app store or via something like preware (yet)).  You just have to grab the two IPK files from the apps wiki page.  Install and if all works out after that you are good to go!!!

precorder1 precorder2

As you can see above you have your card that allows you to start recording (stays that way through recording…no visual of what you are recording at this time in the alpha) and a card with your settings like selecting you audio type (mp3, aac, ect), video type (mpeg 4, h.264, ect) and if you wanna use the flash for dark shots.

Like I stated in the video this is an early alpha release so there are bugs, things can happen, and features are missing but it is working and recording video so at this point that is a huge plus.  I look forward to seeing it take shape with future releases and I will be testing and posting more video to see how I can get the best results.

I just have to say I love the homebrew community!!!

note : if you have any questions on this feel free to contact me via email or shoot me a message on twitter…would love to help you out.

Now how awesome is this news!!!!  I cannot wait to have Flash on my Palm Pre!!!  Now when is “later this year”?  Well the good news is there are not many days left in this year and talk about a nice holiday gift from Palm.

“A prerelease version of Flash Player 10.1 is now available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. A beta is expected to be available for Palm webOS later this year.”

pre flash

How about a little video showing off Flash 10.1 on the Pre

[found via]

So I remember back in the day getting on the internets and jumping on IRC or Internet Relay Chat chatting it up with everyone all over the world.  So fast forward 12-14 years, technology has advanced but stuff like telnet, IRC, ect are still out there and the WebOS Internals gang has created wIRC and brought IRC to the Palm Pre!!!  How cool is that.


I have been using wIRC for a few days jumping on Freenode and EFnet and chatting it up.  They just released version 0.0.3 so needless to say it is pretty green and can have some issues but hey it works pretty good and has been great.  Check it out!


badkittie has a new story on what looks to be a new Twitter client about to hit the beta scene called Bad Kitty.  Now like precentral I dont know much about this new app but it definately has an interesting look to it.  Here is a little video with a “first look”

Bad Kitty first look… from hal saville on Vimeo.

I have to say I am a big fan of Tweed so it is gonna take a lot to move me from that app but hey I am always up for lookiing into new ones and competition is never a bad thing either. As I hear more I will let you know via the blog and/or twitter.

You can follow the company Superhuman Industries or the application Bad Kitty both on Twitter


So I mainly use google talk as my primary IM client on my computer and my Palm Pre but I have some friends who also use Yahoo for their IM’ing needs (including Allison) so I have been interested in getting that ability on my Pre.

Well today I discovered a messaging plugin that allows you to connect to more service then the default ones.  It adds functionality for Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber, Office Communicator, ect. 


Now I have not tried them all as I dont really use any of the other services but I can say that the Yahoo one does work.  I was able to login, see my friends online and have a chat with one.  So there ya go some more added features to your Pre

Note : There has been some talk that Yahoo will be included by Palm in the future as a default option so if you are not kool with installing packages and stuff you may still see that as an option soon.