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So a new group is forming here in the Kansas City area called the Mobile Media Club and you can probably guess it has to do with the hot topic of the mobile web.

There is so much going on out there today when it comes to mobile from apps, to marking, to the really hot topic of location based services like gowalla and foursquare.

This looks like it is gonna be a fun group with some really fun and smart people.  I look forward to meeting monthly and discussing different topics in the area of mobile.

Another great resource when it comes to check out is mobile local social which is a local blog that covers news from not only mobile apps/services but stuff happening all over the interwebs.

Hope to see you at a meeting soon!


If you have known me for any amount of time you probably know I have a little addiciton to FriendFeed and use it pretty much anytime I am not sleeping.  Its a great service and I have met some pretty kool people.

Now one thing I find myself doing more and more on a daily basis is using my mobile device when I am away from my machines or in a setting where sitting with a laptop may not be the best and of course if I am away from home I am not using my desktop.

That is where FFtogo comes in.  I bet you can guess already but it is the mobile version of the service we have all come to know and love.  Now for all the hardcore FriendFeed users ou there this is probably old news but I thought I would share it for those who might not be aware that there is a mobile version to use.

FFtogo was the creation of Benjamin Golub (who now works for FriendFeed) and if the name sounds familiar to ya that is because he also created RSSmeme.

Well there really isnt much more to say about FFtogo so jump on over and get your FF fix anywhere you want now.  Oh and hey while you are there be sure to look me up @


A few months ago I had read somewhere about a new browser that was gonna be coming on the scene soon called Skyfire…It of course grabbed my attention as I was never a fan of Pocket IE and Opera was an improvement but still it seemed like it was missing something.

Well today while I was sitting at work I got a text message with a link to finally download Skyfire and play around with it….needless to say I could not wait!!!! Here is a little chart with some advantages to using Skyfire over the competion.

Sound to good to be true? I wondered myself and have to say I am IN LOVE with this browser! Like it is listed above you can load Youtube…the whole site not a mobile version and watch the movies just like on your computer…I was able to log into my account and just like you would on your computer system you could listen to tracks and such. how kool is that!

The layout is simple and easy to get around in….I am using it on my moto q that I have with sprint…I am sure it is gonna vary in performance based on what type of mobile device you have and the carrier.

I have only played around with it a little bit so far so I may find some things that I find annoying but my initial reaction is this two thumbs up….maybe what I will do is play for it with a week then come back and give my thoughts as I am sure right now it is way to early to give a real review.

Skyfire is currently in beta and at this time I do not have any invites but if I come across something like that I will let everyone know 🙂 for now if you have a chance to load it on your phone go for it (I dont think you will be disappointed or if you are just finding out about it now head over an sign up for a beta invite.

So in closing – Love Skyfire so far, stay tuned for updates, and check out this little video that will give you a run down of what to expect.