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So I just heard the news that Kansas City will be having its 2nd Brightkite meetup known as a KiteUp and it will be Tuesday Nov 3rd at the Westport Flea Market!  Now the last event was awesome and I met some of the great people in our local  Brightkite community and this one from the sound of it should be off the charts…a dont miss event.


Here are the details…..

When : Tuesday November 3rd, 2009

Time : 5pm to 10pm

Where : Westport Flea Market Bar and Grill (817 Westport Rd)

Cost : Canned or boxed food donation for Harvesters Community Food Network.

[RSVP Here]

We have a goal of 300 pounds of food for Harvesters. If everyone brings just 4 cans, we’ll be over the top!

We’ve got a team working to make this party something special. I’ve heard rumor that there will be NEW BrightKite Tshirts! We’re also gathering donations from some great Kansas City businesses for a raffle…more details to come on that.

So, grab a bag, thin your pantry and join us for Burgers, Brews and BrightKite!

Also note that the full menu will be available and Tuesdays are 2fer burger night so come hungry!

This like the last event will be a lot of fun and I hope to see you all there.

[Event Page]



Ok kids it is that time….time for our monthly social media club kc breakfast.  If you are into social media or looking to learn about social media or maybe just want to have breakfast with a group of awesome people then this is the place to be.

We will be meeting at First Watch in Westport around 7:30am Friday (2/6) so make sure you jump over to the SMCKC site and rsvp so we can get an early count of how many to expect.

Hope to see you all there!

Recently all of us social media types got together for our monthly breakfast and we had a great turn out and some great conversation.

If you are in the Kansas City area and a user, fan, or just interested in social media please join us…its free to everyone, casual and very laid back.

Introductions at breakfast

Upcoming Events
Dec 5th – Our next breakfast meetup (time and location TBA)
Dec 18th – Social Media KC Christmas party (time and location TBA)
Jan  22nd – Next evening event with a speaker (time and location TBA)

As you can see we have some events coming up in the next few months but they are still in the early stages of planning.  We have a few groups getting together to iron out the plans for each of the events.

Are you a local company that would like to host/sponser the group or a meetup?  please feel free to contact me and I can get you together with the right people to speak with…..any help or venues that we can get are always appreciated.

We are also currently working on getting a new website/blog setup but for now you can visit us at

Its that time again…time for another blogger meetup in the kc area.  I have been wanting to go to one of these but have had to miss them for various reasons.

This month though I will make sure I get there!!!!  I have never been to the blogger meetup but have met a few people at other meetups and look forward to meeting some of the others who show up.

If you wanna join us here are the details (Wed Sept 24th @ 5pm)

Harry’s Country Club

112 Missouri Ave
Kansas City, MO 64106

(816) 421-3505

Come find us on the patio!

Well all the details have been ironed out and there will be a KC Social Media Meetup next Wed 8.27.08 at Perceptive Software in Shawnee,KS.

If you are a tweeter, blogger, podcasters, social media guru, social media fan, or even non of those please join us for the event.  Its a great way to meet new people, maybe somone you follow on twitter or another service on the interweb, and also a way to meet others from around the social media scene.

Looks like it is tapped to start around 5:30pm and go until who knows…but if you cant make it right at 5:30 that is fine…just arrive when you can.

If you are going just leave me a comment…that away I will know to look for ya.  I am looking forward to meeting some new people as well as everyone I have already met around the kc area at different events.

Address to Perceptive Software
Perceptive Software in Shawnee
22701 West 68th Terrace
Shawnee, KS 66226 [map it]

Over the past few months I have been working on making it to local meetups here in the Kansas City area that fit interests I have in hopes of meeting kool new people, make contacts, and just have a good time.

I am happy to say so far I have been pretty successful and wanted to share will all my local readers.  If you have any other meetups you know of please feel free to contact me or leave a comment for myself and others with a link or any information on meetup places and times.

SocialMediaClub – KC Edition
So far we have had 2 meetings and right now it is in the early/planning stages but I have already met some new people and we have begun to start talking about future events with speakers and demonstrations.  If you have any interest in social media from user to content provider to developer make sure you check it out.

For more information on upcoming meetings, events, and links check out the wiki at

Kansas City Podcasters
This meetup is for podcasters as well as fans of podcasting or those wanting to get into podcasting.  I have been toying with the idea of doing one and have dabbled in it a bit but again just a fun group to get togather with and talk about whatever be it podcasting or something tech based.

Meetings usually take place on the 2nd Saturday of the month at Johnny’s Tavern on 119th street.

[Meetup Page]

Geek Out Friday
Geek Out is the newest meetup I have been going to and it is pretty much just geeks getting togather and talking about whatever geek topic we want…could be web related, tech related, gaming, ect.  Pretty much just a place for geeks to hang out.

Takes place at Daily Dose at 135th and Quivera on Friday nights from 11ish to 2am (closing time).

Do you go to any of these?  What are your thoughts on them?  Have another meetup you would like to share with those in the kc area?  Feel free to add a comment to the discussion and let us know any details.

My main reason behind this post is to let those in the community know about different ways they can meet others with similar interests.

social media club

This morning we had the 2nd meetup for SocialMediaKC which is a meetup for anyone in the Kansas City area who are interested in any aspect of the social media scene which as you get to look into it has a wide range of subjects/topics/areas.

Right now the group is growing and contacts are being made. This month we talked about possible locations for future events so that others maybe not close to the Overland Park area can attend as well as thoughts on special guests and subjects that could be presented at future events.

If you are someone who is the social media arena, has a product related to social media and would love to come speak with the group please feel free to contact ed roberts or zena weist and they can speak with you on getting something setup.

Interested in the format of the meetups or the environment? Here is a little video I took to kinda give you an idea:

Attendees this month
banky (not binky)
ruthi (who is not on twitter…can you believe that!!!)

Next Meetup
Friday August 29th at 7:30am
Broadway Cafe in Westport
4106 broadway
kansas city, missouri 64111
(816) 531 2432

SocialMediaKC Wiki