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So its time for another episode of At The Movies WIth The Geek and this week we kick off the summer movie season with the much anticipated Iron Man sequel. Would it be as great as the first? Would it go the way of sequel suckage?

Lets take a look….

[IMDB – Iron Man 2]


My Thoughts

One last image to live you with from this movie……


Some good ol’ Marvel vs. DC or better yet Watchmen. Enjoy

Thought this was a funny little video playing off the whole mac vs. pc commercials. Also adding to it is that both movies have been or are being released this summer.

Ok everyone I felt like I should give my geek approval for the new ‘Iron Man’ movie that has just been released. Great Storyline with of course some awesome action! I am looking forward to future movies based on Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

One side not I will say if you get a chance to see movies with your fellow geeks go for it…I feel like a lot of the movies I have caught the night of the first showing have only been enhanced by the presence of others who are into the same stuff I am….a better crowd that just enhances seeing the movie.

Oh also if you do go see Iron Man…..make sure you stay till after the credits…thats all I am saying. Oh and the theater was geeking out big big time…ok ill be quite now hehe

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