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So last night I was once again a part of the movie podcast Almost Locals Only podcast put together by the members of the bandit network.

For this episode we discussed the first blockbuster of the summer season in Iron Man 2.

[Almost Locals Only: Iron Man Centipede]


Everyone going to the midnight showings have fun!  And be on the lookout for my review to hit the interwebs soon.

One of the big releases for 2010 is the new Iron Man movie and come May 7th when it hits theaters AMC has a kool promotion where you can “Spend A Night With Iron Man” by catching the first release and then after that at midnight you can catch Iron Man 2 and if the theater has the option you can go IMAX!

How sweet is that deal?  I know myself I a cannot wait to see this movie.  The trailers have only gotten my geek senses tingling and if the 2nd one is as good as the first it will be a night of non stop geek out action.

Wanna know if and where it is happening in your area?  Check Here


How about a little trailer action (but i know you have already watched this like a crap ton already if you are like me)

To say I am excited for this sequel would be an understatement.  I will say I still like the first trailer that came out of Comicon but this one gave a peak at a little more footage and still was an exciting one to watch.  Check it out below.

[IMDB – Iron Man 2]

Thought this was a funny little video playing off the whole mac vs. pc commercials. Also adding to it is that both movies have been or are being released this summer.

Ok everyone I felt like I should give my geek approval for the new ‘Iron Man’ movie that has just been released. Great Storyline with of course some awesome action! I am looking forward to future movies based on Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

One side not I will say if you get a chance to see movies with your fellow geeks go for it…I feel like a lot of the movies I have caught the night of the first showing have only been enhanced by the presence of others who are into the same stuff I am….a better crowd that just enhances seeing the movie.

Oh also if you do go see Iron Man…..make sure you stay till after the credits…thats all I am saying. Oh and the theater was geeking out big big time…ok ill be quite now hehe

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