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Household Advice

Allison’s cousins Sara and Alicia make some funny video’s and this is one of them.  This one is called “Household Advice”  hosted by Mike Rowave and Lazy Susan.   Enjoy!


Thought I would throw a couple videos I have enjoyed the past few days…….

First is the calculator skit from SNL this past weekend

Second is “Jedi Gym” I found on YouTube

Hope you got some laughs and maybe help get over the hump of the work week.

For those of you in the U.S. Celebrating Thanksgiving today hope you have a great day with friends and family or whatever you plan to do.

Here is a little video I found last year that I always enjoy on this day. Adding a little crunk to your holiday celebrations. Enjoy!

Always get a laugh out of watching this one. It has 2 of my favorite things….8-Bit and Role Playing. Enjoy (or be fearful for your children….muhahahaha)

or not…I played D&D and look how I turned out….oh wait nevermind. 🙂

For all you single (or maybe not) geeks out there….a little informational video on “Texting Your Way To Love”.

First I wanted to thank Mona for putting my tweet that of course was cross posted to FriendFeed in the FriendFeed Hall Of Fame (lol) and second I thought I would share it with those maybe who follow the blog but not my other stuff like FriendFeed or Twitter.

twitter post

Basically the story behind this was I use BrightKite to check in places I go and sometimes you have to do a search to find the location you are looking for.  So I put in the Restaurant’s name hit search and wouldnt you know as one of the options to choose from the search was the Grandview Animal Hospital!!!!!  Allison and I got a huge laugh out of that and from the responses I got so did everyone else.

good stuff and another example of technology adding a little humor to our lives.

Hey what can I saw I am a sucker for Star Wars related humor. I of course got a good laugh out of this one. Nien Numb and Lando are some original gangsta’s! hehe

Dark Knight is not the only super hero flick out there this summer…from college humor I present “Font Conference”. This is funny stuff. Enjoy!

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

When you got PAC-MAN the MOVIE!!! hehe