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Silicon Prairie News just put up a blog post with the video from the evening panel at the Kauffman Foundation for Highlight Midwest.

If you were unable to attend the event this is a great way to see some great presentations as well as some insight from a panel that was full of people from around the midwest.

Kansas City Presentation

Des Moines Presentation

Omaha Presentation

Evening Panel (Part 1)

Evening Panel (Part 2)


highlight midwest

Silicon Prairie News recently posted the video and a story about Carl Schramm President and chief executive officer of the Kauffman Foundation and his appearance at Highlight Midwest in October.

Swindlr is a new social networking type service that centers around events. The tagline is “It’s not who you are. It’s what you do.”

In my ongoing series I was able to us my flip camera to catch their presentation at Highlight Midwest. The presenter was Chase Hawkins of Swindlr.

highlight midwest

This past week I had a chance to go to the first Highlight Midwest (and sure not to be the last) here in Kansas City which highlighted developers, entrepreneurs, social media, new media, ect. in the Midwest (mainly KC, Omaha, and Des Moines) in an effort to bring the community together and show the midwest is more the just a bunch of flyover states for the east and west coast.

Registration Station at HM

The end result was it was a total 100% success….I met all kinds of great people from throughout the region getting to see some great projects in the works, ideas of the future, and was able to network and add some new people to follow throughout the interweb.

As I had mentioned early this is clearly an event that will happen again and you can bet I will be there…already there is some great media out there highlighting the events of the day including pictures, video, and blogs. I thought I would highlight some of them here in the post as well as I plan to post some videos up here on the site of some of the presentations I went to as well for you to enjoy. I hope to get my hands of the video from the panel at the evening session and share atleast a link if not the video embedded (keep your eyes out for that).

Blog posts about Highlight Midwest
Highlight Midwest – by Christina Maki
What I Learned At Highlight Midwest – Troy Rutter

Highlight Midwest Flickr stream
Pics or it didnt happen – pics of the evening panel by Christina Maki

Check out the recorded live stream by LiveCrunch

Another kool part of the evening session was some suprise videos from a few familiar faces….

Sarah Lacy’s Highlight Midwest Introduction from Highlight Midwest on Vimeo.

Chris Pirillo’s Highlight Midwest Introduction from Highlight Midwest on Vimeo.

Gary Vaynerchuck’s Highlight Midwest Introduction from Highlight Midwest on Vimeo.

In closing I just want to thank everyone who was in charge of the planning of this event, thank you to all those who came not only from the kc area but for those who traveled from omaha and des moines, and thank you to all those who are out there in those cities and others in the midwest showing that the midwest is a place where tech/social media can be born and can have the same impact of those from both coasts!

After all the events were over and we were all traveling back to our homes and such the question was asked where do we go from here? What do we do to keep this great thing called Highlight Midwest going? How do we help it grow even more?

We’re following each other on twitter now, let’s take that a step further and start reading each other’s blogs. Do a little exploring on people’s twitter profiles and find blogs/sites that interest you. Add at least a few of the people from each city to your RSS reader.

1. Don’t just subscribe, but commit to reading their blogs.
2. Don’t just read, take it up a notch by commenting on their blogs.
3. Don’t just comment, share their blogs with your network by tweeting about their posts.
4. Don’t just talk up their blogs, ask them to do a guest post on your blog.
5. Shake it well, repeat. 🙂

What can you do to help the midwest tech community grow and become even better!

Think about it.

highlight midwest

First I would like to thank the gang over at the Highlight Midwest team for making me the New Media Correspondent for the event.  Hoping to be able to proved those attending as well as those unable to attend the event.  Along with getting some video footage of all the activities I decided to put a little stream togather pulling information from sources all over the interweb.

My Highlight Midwest Stream (includes)

* blog posts (grabbed using google blog search)
* twitter posts (tag your tweets with ‘#hm1’ to be included)
* flickr pics (tag your pics related to the event with ‘highlightmidwest’)
* links (tag your links ‘highlightmidwest’)

that is it for now.  if you can think of another service people will be using to tag this event let me know and I will add it to the stream.


highlight midwest

Here in just a few weeks Hightlight Midwest will be taking place in the Kansas City area and besides spreading the word, blogging, tweeting, podcasting, and whatever else to promote it there is now a HM Badge you can throw up on your site or blog to invite your readers/vistors to join in this great event.

Nathan Wright from over at Lava Row created this for everyone to use…so add it to your blog and let everyone know they should come join the party on Oct 29th.