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The gang over at Microblink have a kool new service called What The Hashtag which I guess would be best described as a “user-editable encyclopedia for hashtags found on Twitter”.

Do you get those twitter messages and wonder hmm what the hashtag #smckc or #dwgmf means? sometimes the tags are pretty obvious what they are for but then you have some that you have no clue.  Thats where What The Hashtag can help you out.

What information can I get

Some of the information you can get on a hashtag using the service is a description, related hash tags, external links related to the tag, stats, top contributors, and even the stream itself which you can then track on twitter search or pull the rss feed.


Great Tools

Not only is the site itself great to use but they also have some great tools to enhance the use of ther service including…..

One of the coolest ways to interact with WTH?! is to use our bot service. In short, it’s a two-way communication channel that allows you to ask us what a hashtag stands for. We’ll send you back a short description plus a link back to the page we’re hosting for it.

GreaseMonkey Script
If you’re using Twitter’s web interface in combination with the Firefox web browser, this user script is a must. Our GreaseMonkey script looks over the page you’re looking at and finds all the hashtags on that page. Once it finds a tag, it replaces that hashtag with a link to its page here.

Our script doesn’t stop at looking at what people are tweeting about – it will also find hashtags in a user’s name, location, and bio fields and link those out as well. No other script developers (that we know of) are taking hashtag linking this far!

Firefox Search Bar
A quick way to search the web when using Firefox is through the search bar. If you want to add a search engine for WTH?!, simply pull down the list of websites and you’ll see the option to add WTHashtag?! near the bottom. We’ve even set it up so it’ll suggest things to you as you type.

Firefox Keyword Search
The fastest way to search a specific site using Firefox is through a keyword search. If you really like WTHashtag?!, right click in the search bar in the left navigation box and select “Add a Keyword for this Search”. In the following dialog, enter “What the Hashtag” and “wth” in the two fields.


MicroCast 3-24-08

Show Notes for MicroCast
Greasemonkey script – Hashtags


For those unable to attend Macworld this week but wanting to keep up with all the action the guys over at have created a way for twitter users to tag their posts with #macworld and make it easier for all us apple junkies to follow along.

so jump over to and grab the rss feed.


what are #hashtags? [from the site]

#hashtags are an easy way to track a specific topic or event using the Twitter network for hyper-instant communication, coordination and reporting.

Two of my favorite things these days is twitter and tagging. I have always thought it would be great to be able to tag twitter posts to get tweets on a certain subject and track that information.

with hashtags that is possible and it is pretty simple to do. All you have to do is subscribe to the hashtags bot within twitter (and have a twitter account of course) then put a ‘#’ in front of a word and you are a hashtag pro! an example would be something like this:

going to the #apple store to get a new #macbookpro.

so with that anyone looking for posts with hashtags of #apple and #macbookpro would get your post.

The tagging of twitter posts is pretty new but seems to be picking up some steam and I think one kool thing would be twitter itself adding tagging and allowing it to not count toward the 140 character count. what do you think?

hashtag blog

another point i just thought I would throw out there you can also subscribe to an rss feed of your hashtags you want to follow – which for me is a HUGE plus.