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A very kool video put together looking back at 2009 using Google Wave.  Very well done.


I think I have enjoyed some of the entertainment uses of Google Wave over actually using it for projects and such so far.

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So I have seen some pretty kool uses of Google Wave since it came out like a recreation of a scene from Pulp Fiction and now the Google gang has created a what if the Declaration Of Independence was created via Google Wave.


[Declaration of Independence – Google Wave Style] – fyi…must have a Google Wave account to check it out

Check it out and enjoy (there is a little humor thrown in there as well)…another fun little way to show the uses of Google Wave 🙂

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Google-Voice-Logo brizzly

Thats right folks (jeff) is your source for invites today Sunday November 1st!!  Its been awhile since I have done an invite post but I have some hot ones to give out to you the readers of my blog.

How this is gonna work is if you are interested in an invite shoot me an email with your email address, the service you would like an invite to.  They will be first come, first serve so act fast!

Here is what I got for today :

Brizzly – 10 invites
Clicker – 5 invites (for this one just go to this link – First 5 get in)
Google Voice – 3 invites

and the big one…….

Google Wave – 12 invites

So there ya go.  I will keep you posted with updates here of how many I have left.  I am guessing the Google Wave invites will probably go like hot cakes.


[update] Given out 3 Google Wave invites.  Only 9 left!

[update] Only 4 Google Wave invites left!!!  Plenty of Google Voice and Brizzly 🙂

[update] one Google Wave invite left…it could be you!!

[update] ok all the google wave invites are gone.  if you have any feel free to post in the comments for everyone.

[update] still got brizzly, google voice, and clicker invites


So the hot new web app for everyone to use these days is Google Wave and thankfully one of my buddies was able to spare me an invite and with my recent purchase of my Palm Pre I like to try the services I use on my computer to see if maybe I can use them on my Pre when I am away from my computer and going light for carrying tech devices.

I had seen where the iPhone had access to Google Wave and the layout looked pretty nice so I thought hey lets give it a shot!  The outcome was not the best.  I pretty much has to zoom in to see my waves and it seemed like it was crashing on me….overall not the best experience to follow my waves when on the move.


Now what I have come to find out is the issue is that like some mobile sites that do not format correctly Google Wave does not recognize the Pre correctly and gives it the normal mobile experience and not the kool look that comes up when using mobile safari.

That is where the “iPhone user agent spoof” tweak via webOS quick install comes in.  It basically does what it says it makes the server you are hitting think you are accessing that you are coming in with the safari browser so it formats your experience likewise.

Now I can say I am happily using Google Wave on my Pre and it is pretty nice.  Gotta love the tweaks coming from the Pre community.

What Google Wave looks like on the iPhone and now the Pre with the tweak

(obviously the shots are on an iphone but this is what it looks like on the pre as well)

What you need

Nice documentation on getting WebOS Quick Install setup on your machine (and for future installs of homebrew apps)

Once you have Quick Install up and running you can grab the iPhone user agent tweak, reboot your pre and you should be set to go!

*Note*  I have noticed you need to wait until the main google wave page has loaded or you will get an error and have to refresh your google wave session.  So give it a min or two to completely load.

So there you have it if you are a veteran of hacking/tweaking your Palm Pre then you know what I am talking about with all this but if you are new to the Pre and need some help I would be more then happy to help you with this and any other tweaks you are looking to make.  You can hit me up via email, contact me on twitter, or hey just comment here on the blog post.

I just really wanted to get this post out to let all the Palm Pre geeks out there that you CAN run Google Wave via the Pre.  Enjoy!

*Update* Obviously Google Wave is a new system that still has some issues so I have found times and some waves that will from time to time crash on me even with the tweaks so hey don’t expect perfection.

So these days one of the hottest topics and one of the hottest invites is Google Wave which is a new service that lets you collaborate with others in real time. So when I saw this Google Wave put together with a Pulp Fiction theme I loved it and was like I have to share it on the blog. So check out the goodness below

[via Docking Bay 94]

google_wave_logoSo unless you have been away from the interweb the past few days you have probably heard Google Wave mentioned 1, 2, 3, 1000 times in about a 48 hour period. We have heard from people saying it is great…its sucks…i have invites…i am looking for invites or you may have even heard from people saying what the hell is Google Wave.

Well this video tries to explain a little in a little over 2 min

So there you have it. I myself have been checking it out and kinda getting a feel for the service and see what it can offer this geek [oh and I dont have any invites]

So my buddy Chris (aka idonotes) did a quick screencast last night after he got his google wave invite.  Check the video to catch a quick glimpse of it in action:

And then we have a google wave from myself

google wave via (jeff)isageek on

Still waiting on my invite. A buddy of mine has sent one my way but they are taking some time getting out there on the interwebs. Can’t wait to check it out. So have you used it? Your thoughts so far?

Google Wave Wednesday

So tomorrow is the big day!!! When google releases 100,000 invites to us early adopters out there for the highly anticipated app Google Wave.

So when I get up in the morning I will jump onto my email and see if that coveted invite is there in all its goodness. If not and there is the option to send an invite to a friend I would love to get one from somebody to help feed my early adopter/wanting to play with the newest service addiction hehe.

So not sure what Google Wave is yet? Check out the info below:

Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation
and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

Also if I do get an invite and there is the option to invite others you can be sure I will be sharing the option to my readers for those limited invites.

Here is to the excitement of Google Wave Wednesday!!


The big news coming out this past week was the announcement from Google of Google Wave.

Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year.

Google Wave can make you more productive even when you’re having fun.
Take a sneak peek.

Learn how to put waves in your site and build wave extensions with the Google Wave APIs.

Google Wave uses an open protocol, so anyone can build their own wave system.
Learn more at

To get all the info on Google Wave check out the video below as the complete guide to Google Wave from Mashable

From Mashable
[A Complete Guide to Google Wave]