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One thing I love about the social web is the ability to share story’s that I find interesting with everyone out there…now some may be stories that are being linked to or commented on all over the place but its nice to sometime find a story via my shared items, rssmeme or readburner that is fresh and new.

With that I thought I would share a few ways you can subscribe to my news feeds and find out what I find interesting and maybe find something for yourself you had not heard about yet.

My Linkblog – via google reader these are the stories I find interesting from all my followers and feeds i subscribe to.

SocialMedian – maybe you use this service instead of google reader or with.  Either way this is another way to get my stories I have shared via google reader.

FriendFeed – being a FF junkie you will find my google reader items as well as pretty much everything else including stories I “like” from others.  I post a lot of geeky stuff on here as well so if that is your thing make sure you check it out.

Linkblog (twitter edition) – this is the same as my rss linkblog except it is via the twitter feed.

Want to add me to your friends shared items it google reader?  Send me an email or add me to your google talk and that should automatically add me to your friends and we can start sharing right in google reader as well.

Well hope this gives you a few options to get a newsfeed of mine or maybe it helps give you an idea of how you can share your favorite stories from the interweb as well.