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So the Google Reader team recently announced a bunch of new features to the service including Send To that allows you to send the stories you find to services like twitter,, digg, ect


I am a user of the social bookmarking site Diigo and wanted to have that available to add my stories I found interesting to my account. Google Reader was nice enough to add the feature where you could add custom services that they might not have listed by default which I thought was pretty kool.

So listed here is the info you need to use in order to get Diigo up and running for yourself.

1 – Obviously you will first log into Google Reader and go to settings. Once there click on the ‘Send To’ tab
2 – You will see the default services listed and at the bottom of the page you will see ‘Create A Custom Link’
3 – Place your title i.e diigo in this case. Under URL put this ‘${url}?title=${title}
4 – For an icon I grabbed the 16×16 here

Once you have all of that click save and you should be ready to go!


Do you use Google Reader? Do you like to share your items? Do You Blog? If you answered yes to all of these then you might be interested in the following WordPress plugin.

Shared Items Post allows you to create a blog post based on the settings you chose to your blog of choice to share with your readers.

[example post from last night]

I thought this sounded like something I might be interested in so I loaded it up and now I will see how things go and whether I go ahead and keep it….but for now its a new feature here on the blog.

Its really easy to setup and here are some of the different setttings available to you:

* Post scheduling – by day, week or month, and time of day
* Post formatting – you have complete control over the layout of post from the plugin admin panel
* Post settings – set the author, category, and tags

One thing I love about the social web is the ability to share story’s that I find interesting with everyone out there…now some may be stories that are being linked to or commented on all over the place but its nice to sometime find a story via my shared items, rssmeme or readburner that is fresh and new.

With that I thought I would share a few ways you can subscribe to my news feeds and find out what I find interesting and maybe find something for yourself you had not heard about yet.

My Linkblog – via google reader these are the stories I find interesting from all my followers and feeds i subscribe to.

SocialMedian – maybe you use this service instead of google reader or with.  Either way this is another way to get my stories I have shared via google reader.

FriendFeed – being a FF junkie you will find my google reader items as well as pretty much everything else including stories I “like” from others.  I post a lot of geeky stuff on here as well so if that is your thing make sure you check it out.

Linkblog (twitter edition) – this is the same as my rss linkblog except it is via the twitter feed.

Want to add me to your friends shared items it google reader?  Send me an email or add me to your google talk and that should automatically add me to your friends and we can start sharing right in google reader as well.

Well hope this gives you a few options to get a newsfeed of mine or maybe it helps give you an idea of how you can share your favorite stories from the interweb as well.

Over the weekend my friends Corvida and J. Phil devised a plan to reset their rss feeds and purge some of the excess feeds they had lying around….I have to admit I was having the same issue.

So with that said this morning I decided to join the revolution, purge all my feeds from google reader, and restart my rss addiction. I have to say it was a pretty nice feeling to have a clean slate to start with.

So now where do I go from here? What do I add back? Well to start I have added feeds from Readburner, RSSmeme, and of course I have all my shared feeds from people using google reader. I am also using the yahoo pipe for my friendfeed feed w/o twitter….so I ask myself do I need anything else to follow the web? You know I am not sure…throw twitter into the mix and I might have all the feeds I need to keep me happy…but I am sure like I said having an addiction to rss I will find myself adding more feeds in the coming days but for the most part I hope the purge has helped me get rid of some of the feeds I probably was not even checking out on a monthly basis.

What do you think of the concept? Do you think you might do the same? What are you gonna subscribe back to once you purge everything? Lets discuss or disqus.

[note: make sure you follow me on toluu to find out which feeds I end up adding back to my rss 2.0]

readburner logo
One of my favorite sites these days is Readburner which takes users linkblogs or Google Shared Items (video of how it works with google reader)and creates a kind of digg like/social news site where you can see whats hot in the blogosphere.

A few months back creator Alexander Marktl announced he was closing the service down which was kind of a bummer since I was enjoying the site…but then Adam Ostrow, Drew Olanoff, Thomas Connors came along to revive the site and recently have been adding new features just improving on the original vision of Alexander.

Two you should check out are they have made readburner available via your mobile device….which i have enjoyed checking out when sitting around waiting for a table at a restaurant or traveling somewhere (of course I am not driving 🙂 )

readburner mobile

The other feature I really geeked out to when I saw it was that readburner now allows you to comment to posts via disqus which if you follow me on twitter or my blog you know is one of my favorite new web apps to use these days.  On a side not I would love to see the gang over at disqus go mobile as well….add that to my wishlist…maybe even #1 on the list.

Which web apps do you use that are a must have, for daily use, your “web app pron”?  Here is my list of apps I use on a daily basis and love:

gmail – gmail of course is my communication tool of choice when it comes to email.  great for using on any computer or my mobile device.  spam protection is top notch, love being able to use filters and labels.

google reader – helps feed my rss addiction.  the best in my mind when it comes to aggregating all my feeds with a great layout.  seems to be integrating with all my other apps as well i.e. disqus and twitter.  love it!

twitter – great way to keep up with my online friends, some offline friends.  share links, pics, blog posts, ect.  its just plain awesome.

friendfeed – friendfeed has been hot now for a month or two.  great way to keep up with all my peeps.  love the integration with all my services as well as all the greasemonkey scripts I can use to customize the service to my likings and needs.

disqus – awesome commenting service for you blog or for just commenting on blogs.  think it brings the social aspect to comments and gives them their own life.  as with the other apps love the integration with the services like friendfeed and wordpress.

toluu – like google reader toluu helps feed my rss addiction.  great service that helps i the discovery and sharing of rss feeds.  if you need an invite let me know as I have some.

wordpress – best blogging software out there!  I have been using it now for a few years and with all the plugins and widgets you can add on its just top notch.  I recommend this one to everybody.

flickr – use flickr to share all my pictures and pics I take with my phone.  just an overall great service that makes it simple to post and share pics.

google calendar – use mainly for the integration with twitter and remember the milk as well as with my mobile device to keep all my important events at my side and keep me from missing something i shouldnt.

remember the milk – this is an awesome service for keeping those task lists under control.  I just flat out love it and add integration with gmail, google calendar, twitter and my mobile device and that only makes it better.  very simple clean setup but very powerful at the same time.

Here are some apps that I have been messing around with that soon could also be up on the top list.

diigo – diigo is a new bookmarking service that adds some new stuff to the whole social bookmarking scene like highlighting text and such (or new to me hehe).  I have continued to use this service more and more and recommend you check it out.  its slowly growing on me.

ma.gnolia – another in the social bookmarking realm…i have heard of it for awhile but due to my love for never really gave it a try.  checking it out these days and might have to decide which to go with ma.gnolia or diigo.  time will tell but again a good service to check out for you social bookmarking geeks.

mixx – mixx is a social news site like one you may have heard of before called digg 🙂  its new to the game but i must say i find it a breath of fresh air when it comes to the social news scene.  will i stick with it?  not sure….with so many blogs I follow, shared links, and link blogs it seems like I get all the news I need via google ready and then can share with serices like friendfeed, rssmeme or readburner so I am not sure if this is my thing.  but I do endorse it over digg for whatever that is worth 🙂 – this one is one that in the past would have been on my top list.  i use to love and in some ways its like your kid its hard to let go…i still post to via diigo where i can post to multiple services but overall it seems like has just kinda disappeared….dont really hear much about new stuff and I am still waiting on the upgrade to v2.0 as well as it just seems like it has issues playing nice with some of the new social web services out there or I have had some issues in that regard…so I am keepig it around and still find it very useful but its kinda in a weird place for me right now 🙂

so there ya have it….some of the web apps I use on a daily and sometimes hourly basis…the ones I cannot live without and then some I see as possible futures centerfolds in the “web app pron” world 🙂

what are some of yours?  I am sure you will have one that I will be like ohhh yeah I use that one too…but lets share and maybe others can discover some kool web apps to play around with.


I am a HUGE google reader fan and use it daily and hourly on top of that. I recently started sharing items that I found going through my hundreds of feeds and creating a linkblog that could be shared to all my readers.

Google reader helps me fuel my rss and information addictions but of course I am always on the search for more! That is where the new site ReadBurner comes in…basically aggregating google shared items from all over the net…showing what stories are currently the most popular now, this week, and all time.


The funny thing about the service is it is in the very very very early alpha stages but was discovered and outed 🙂 of course a big plus for us! On a side note with it being in alpha it already seems like a very good web app that will only get better.

Here is a note from the developer Alexander Marktl

Hi folks!
Due to a mistake my hobby project Readburner got leaked today. Louis Gray somehow found my site, which is hosted on an Amazon EC2 server (heck I didn’t even had registered a domain name and don’t know if I’m happy with my codename). This site is obviously still in very early development. If traffic comes it will clearly go down. Moreover my parsing technolgy is still not tested, so don’t wonder if strange things happens.

I’m not gonna close the site anyway. In the Internet you cannot hide anything that’s leaked, so be it. Let’s see is as an experiment how fast a site can spread through the Google Reader shared items, which is what ReadBurner aims to aggregate.

If you are into checking out linkblogs, sharing items in google, or just finding those new tech stories make sure you check out ReadBurner.

[readburner blog]