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So one thing I have been wanting to have with me on the go and on my Palm Pre is the ability to chat with my Facebook friends via Facebook Chat.

Well now I am happy to report there is a patch that allows you to do just that!

Basically, apply the patch the go into the Messaging app. In there, add a new account with the username in the format <username> with your password being your facebook password.  So take note, you’ll need to enable/set a Facebook username on your Facebook account if you haven’t yet.

This patch works by altering the hosts file on your device to make your device think “” is “”. Thanks to Facebook’s chat service now using jabber (the same that GTalk uses) just adding a GTalk account in the Messaging app gets full Facebook Chat working!  Oh, and don’t worry, regular GTalk accounts will still work fine; there doesn’t seem to be any negative side effects of the patch.

All you need to install is first the patch and then WebOS Quick Install.  Install the patch, login, and you are set!  I have used it a few times already and it is great.

[Facebook Chat patch]

[found via PreCentral]


So for today I bring you another in my greasemonkey script addicition that allows you to monitor which of your “friends” on Facebook are dropping you off their follows.

Facebook Friends Checker

When the script detects that someone you used to be friends with is no longer one of your friends, a message will appear informing you about who it was and giving a link to their profile page.

The script checks by default once per hour when on Facebook, but this time can be increased through “Tools > Greasemonkey > User script commands… > Set time interval to check for removed friends…”.


How it works is when someone unfollows you on Facebook you will be notified and then the script will then have yourself unfollow them as well.  Then you can go back and follow them again.  They can never get away!!!

[Note] I have not actually seen the script in action since as far as I know no one has unfollowed me yet 🙂


If you have followed me for sometime you know how much I like finding Greasemonkey scripts that improve a service or add some kool features (or take something away even).  So today I found out about a new script that allows you to use letters on your keyboard to jump to different parts of Facebook.


Facebook Keyboard Navigation

Once you have the script installed you can jump to your photos, events, account, notes, ect ect with the push of a button.  Here is a list of the 16 per setup options.

A – Edit application settings
B – Go to list of birthdays
C – Go to photos
D – Find friends
E – Go to your list of events
F – View the list of all your friends
G – Go to groups
H – Go to your home page
I – Go to the message Inbox
L – Go to your links page
M – Send a message
N – Go to your notes
P – Go to your profile page
S – Edit your account settings
T – Go to Notifications page
V – Edit your privacy settings

And if you want to add others it is pretty easy to configure the scipt to your needs.   ReadRightWeb had a post on this same script and showed how easy it was to add your own options.

So there you have it another script to help you through this Facebook world…no its nothing earth shattering but for us geeks its a fun little tweak to play around with and hey maybe you are new to all this Greasemonkey stuff and have some questions?  Feel free to hit me up sometime and I can help you get started with it all.


With the news of the FriendFeed acquisition by Facebook yesterday we decided to get the gang together for a new episode of The Social Geeks Podcast. We had almost a full crew with Chris (idonotes), myself, Wayne Sutton, Sarah Perez, Corvida, and Louis Gray.

As always you can head over to the Mevio site or to The Social Geeks site for the audio as well as past episodes.

friendfeed facebook

You saw it right Facebook has acquired FriendFeed


What does this mean for FriendFeed? Guess we don’t really know yet. Don’t really know much at the moment besides the fact that FriendFeed is now a part of Facebook. Stay tuned for more info as it comes out. Here is some stuff I hae grabbed from FriendFeed about the big news.

Scoble gets an interview with Paul from FriendFeed and someone from Facebook

Discussion going on now about the news on Scobles stream

Well kids we recorded a new episode of the Social Geeks Podcast and now it is live for you to enjoy.  On this episode we had myself, Chris (idonotes) and Caleb (calebelston).

The big chunk of this episode was talking about some of the changes popping up with Facebook and the battle that seems to be brewing with Google.

Well after hearing the announcement that Facebook would be allowing vanity url’s for the service on June 12th at 11:01 PM central time and waiting for that moment to arrive I am now happy to say that my new official address to my Facebook account is

I really didnt think my name would be gone since there really are not to many (jeff)isageek’s out there but I am sure people out there looking for maybe just their first name or even their full name if it is a common one have not been happy this evening.

So did you get the vanity url you were looking for? On a side note Allison also got msgigglebox which is what she wanted to us.

Facebook is a MMORPG [Humor]

I got a good laugh out of this one. Enjoy!

twitter facebook

Found a kool way to update twitter and facebook at the same time via twitter while adding some extra functionality like using the hashtag #fb to post your tweet as well as changing @mentions to the persons real name. Its called Tweetface and its a snap to get up and running.

* Post tweets as Facebook Status Updates
* Post links you tweet on your Facebook Wall (so your friends can watch videos and see pictures right in their News Feed)
* Ignore @replies
* Change @mentions to real names
* Only post the tweets you specify to Facebook (if this is all you want, Selective Twitter is the app for you)
* Track links posted to Facebook with

Pretty much all you have to do is connect via Facebook Connect, setup some options, and then you are ready to go!

One thing I will mention in my early testing is I would like to see the conversion of @mentions to use just the first name rather then the whole name.  An example would be when i did and @msgigglebox who is my wife it converted it to Allison Smith on facebook.  Now this is correct but when I a put that on Facebook it just seems weird to be mentioning here with her complete name.

Allison Smith and I went to the mall today would like to see Allison and I went to the mall today

Other then that so far I think it is a pretty kool little app to help in updating both twitter and facebook right from a twitter itself.

If you have followed my blog or my twitter feed you will know that I am a big fan of using Greasemonkey scripts to enhance the different services I use on a daily basis.  Tonight I was looking for some new ones to add to my collection and I found some that I really liked for Facebook and figured I would share them with everyone to check out.


Remove All Facebook Ads – Obviously this one removes all the ads on the Facebook pages you go to.

Facebook Direct Links – When you click on a link on Facebook it takes you directly to the site.

Facebook Fixer – Enhancements for Facebook: bigger profile pictures and photos, easier viewing of albums, links to download videos, showing people’s age and sign, google calendar integration, keyboard shortcuts & more. Compatible with new Facebook and fully customizable!


So there you have it.  Hope if you are a Facebook user you can use these scripts to help enhnace your use of the service as well.  If you have any other scripts or plugins you use with Facebook leave a comment and share it with everyone.