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So the Google Reader team recently announced a bunch of new features to the service including Send To that allows you to send the stories you find to services like twitter,, digg, ect


I am a user of the social bookmarking site Diigo and wanted to have that available to add my stories I found interesting to my account. Google Reader was nice enough to add the feature where you could add custom services that they might not have listed by default which I thought was pretty kool.

So listed here is the info you need to use in order to get Diigo up and running for yourself.

1 – Obviously you will first log into Google Reader and go to settings. Once there click on the ‘Send To’ tab
2 – You will see the default services listed and at the bottom of the page you will see ‘Create A Custom Link’
3 – Place your title i.e diigo in this case. Under URL put this ‘${url}?title=${title}
4 – For an icon I grabbed the 16×16 here

Once you have all of that click save and you should be ready to go!


One site I have been checking out for my social bookmarking needs is Diigo. It has some features that other bookmarking sites dont have but it also allows you to post your bookmarks to and ma.gnolia which I thought was a nice feature.

Will I stick with Diigo? Time will tell…but if you are new to social bookmarking or want to find out more about the Diigo service check out this little video.