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Twouble with Twitters

I was cracking up at this video I found on Current. A hilarious look at twitter.


Current has announced that while the presidental debates are going on before the election our tweets from twitter will be streaming as Obama and McCain face off. They are calling it “Hack The Debate”.

Current is partnering with Twitter to give your feedback and voice a home — on TV as the various candidates debate. There will be four debates total, and we’ll be broadcasting them live on Current TV as well as live streaming them on

The first debate is Sept 26th and the twitter stream during the debate will be on the channel itself as well as on

I for one look forward to seeing how this little thing will work….will it be the greatest thing ever? probably not…but I think its a great way of using technology to let people share their voice…but with that said I am sure there will be some tweets that do not make the broadcast.

What are your thought on this idea? Let everyone know…lets discuss.

[story on Yahoo!]


I was freaking out last night when I found out on of my favorite bands Portishead would be preforming tracks from their new album third that comes out later this month on Current this friday @ 10pm eastern time.

Portishead will perform eight tracks from their forthcoming album on Current TV on April 11 – three weeks before the album is released on April 28.

I will have the DVR all fired up ready to record for repeat watches as well 🙂  if you are fan or just looking for an awesome trip-hop band this is the concert for you!  Check out the promo vid below.

here is a link to listen to the first single from the album “Machine Gun” – listening to it as I write this 🙂

And hey while we are at it check out this interview talking about Portishead performing in Portishead, England