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Being a geek I always like finding stuff using the commodore 64 or an Atari system…whatever be the case.  So when I saw this blog post on a twitter client for the C64 called BREADBOX64 I was like oh I have to share this one.

BREADBOX64 is a twitter client for the C64/128 which allows you to tweet from a real C64 and show your friends timeline. It uses Contiki, a very nice embedded OS, and the MMC Replay cartridge with the RR-Net add on for the physical connection to the net.

Check out the video of the application in action!  Hope you geek out like me. 🙂



This is what happens when you bring commodore 64 game music to an orchestra. very kool! [Commodore 64 Myspace page]

[found here]

A little geeky Christmas for ya

And then the commercial from 1982 – 64k for $595!!!

I thought this was super kool and of course really geeky so you gotta love it! Guitar Hero on the Commodore 64.