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Now this makes me wanna go to BlogWorld (Any companies out there want to sponsor me to go? hehe)

Check out this video where Chad breaks the internet and looks for help from Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, and Cali Lewis


I totally missed this one last week but it is too good not to share. I give you Chad Vader reenacting the films nominated for best picture this year in 3 min! Enjoy!

Chad Vader Is Back!!!


I can’t believe I missed that season 2 of Chad Vader had started!!  The first episode of  season 2 is titled “The Takeover“.  Enjoy!

And as an added bonus here is a video…Chad Vader afer the dentist.

For all you Chad Vader fans out there like myself here is a new series of video’s with everyone’s favorite day shift manager. If you have never seen the Chad Vader episodes jump over to Blame Society Productions and check them out…they are great!