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So I just heard the news that Kansas City will be having its 2nd Brightkite meetup known as a KiteUp and it will be Tuesday Nov 3rd at the Westport Flea Market!  Now the last event was awesome and I met some of the great people in our local  Brightkite community and this one from the sound of it should be off the charts…a dont miss event.


Here are the details…..

When : Tuesday November 3rd, 2009

Time : 5pm to 10pm

Where : Westport Flea Market Bar and Grill (817 Westport Rd)

Cost : Canned or boxed food donation for Harvesters Community Food Network.

[RSVP Here]

We have a goal of 300 pounds of food for Harvesters. If everyone brings just 4 cans, we’ll be over the top!

We’ve got a team working to make this party something special. I’ve heard rumor that there will be NEW BrightKite Tshirts! We’re also gathering donations from some great Kansas City businesses for a raffle…more details to come on that.

So, grab a bag, thin your pantry and join us for Burgers, Brews and BrightKite!

Also note that the full menu will be available and Tuesdays are 2fer burger night so come hungry!

This like the last event will be a lot of fun and I hope to see you all there.

[Event Page]



So I just found out Brightkite is gonna be in town next weekend and holding a Kansas City Kiteup for fans of the service. [blog post on the event]

The Kansas City kiteup will be taking place at The Cashew starting at 6:00pm CT and we will have a couple people from Brightkite HQ on-hand to answer any questions, hand out goodies, and of course hang out with our fantastic community.

I am planning to make the event and hope to see some familiar faces as well as maybe some of you I have not met at events around the city.

[event page]

It has been awhile since I have done an invite post so here we go.  need an invite to any of these services?

Invites Available

If you would like an invite to any of those services feel free to contact me @ and I will get one right out to ya.


UPDATE : I also have some invites to 12seconds so if you wanna check that out let me know as well.

First I wanted to thank Mona for putting my tweet that of course was cross posted to FriendFeed in the FriendFeed Hall Of Fame (lol) and second I thought I would share it with those maybe who follow the blog but not my other stuff like FriendFeed or Twitter.

twitter post

Basically the story behind this was I use BrightKite to check in places I go and sometimes you have to do a search to find the location you are looking for.  So I put in the Restaurant’s name hit search and wouldnt you know as one of the options to choose from the search was the Grandview Animal Hospital!!!!!  Allison and I got a huge laugh out of that and from the responses I got so did everyone else.

good stuff and another example of technology adding a little humor to our lives.

Well last week we had invite Monday and it was a huge success so this week I thought I would be crazy and go for invite Tuesday (i know crazy!). Listed below are the services I have some invites for…just like last week all you have to do is post a reply with the email address you would like the invite sent to.

I have the following:


And if you are a service with invites feel free to contact me and we can add your service to the invite list.

Thanks everyone and enjoy the services!

Have some invites to a few services and thought I would share them with everyone. If you need one just reply to this post and provide me with your email. if you dont feel like posting your email address you can shoot me an email at and I will get one out to ya.

They are on a first come basis so once they are gone you will just have to wait till I get some more. Also if there are any services that would like to supply me some invites just shoot me an email and I will pimp out your service for everyone.


Invites I currently have are for :