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Its that time again…time for another blogger meetup in the kc area.  I have been wanting to go to one of these but have had to miss them for various reasons.

This month though I will make sure I get there!!!!  I have never been to the blogger meetup but have met a few people at other meetups and look forward to meeting some of the others who show up.

If you wanna join us here are the details (Wed Sept 24th @ 5pm)

Harry’s Country Club

112 Missouri Ave
Kansas City, MO 64106

(816) 421-3505

Come find us on the patio!


I just wanted to take this time to thank Louis Gray who allowed me to put a guest post up on his blog which you can check out now. Trimming the Fat On RSS Feeds – You Could Lose 99%! is my post about taking all my rss feeds and cutting it down to a more manageable and more productive level.

Thanks again Louis and look forward to future posts on the blog. Now head on over and check it out!


Just wanted to wish my favorite blogging platform (which keeps me blog happy) WordPress a Happy 5th Birthday.

I have been using the server edition for a few years now and it has been great for helping me get my thoughts, funny videos, twitter thoughts out to the interweb.

If you are in the SF make sure you go to the WP Birthday Party and have some cake for me. Or take some pictures and let me know and Ill add them to this post.

As a final note if you are a blogger and not using WordPress I cannot praise it enough and would say it is well worth the upgrade to your blog. Very easy to setup, maintain, and of course very customizable.

image from ravenhawk

Are you in the Kansas City area? Do you blog, do you podcast? Are you always updating your twitter account? Besides finding kool new blogs, sites, people on the net I always enjoy finding out whats going on in the blogosphere here in the Kansas City area my hometown.

If you are fall into one of these categories leave a comment and let others know what you are doing. Give a little info like your name, site/twitter address, maybe what you like to blog/podcast/twitter about….or maybe you are just looking for some new local blogs/podcasts/geeks then check the comments out and maybe you will find a new favorite.

Let Kansas City and the world know you are out there.

when your computer starts to talk to you 🙂

computer talking to you

that this was a good one for all us bloggers out there



Recently I was given an opportunity to start writing for tech blog Gadgetell and decided I would take them up on their offer as I see it as a way to one network with others as well as great experience for my blogging skills.

Well yesterday was the day the day my first post hit the front page. I decided for my first post I would write about a new service that I really like and that would be easy to explain….so I went with toluu.

So everyone head over and check out my post and of course leave a comment or two 🙂

If you wanna follow posts by me on Gadgetell bookmark this link