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Well last week we had invite Monday and it was a huge success so this week I thought I would be crazy and go for invite Tuesday (i know crazy!). Listed below are the services I have some invites for…just like last week all you have to do is post a reply with the email address you would like the invite sent to.

I have the following:


And if you are a service with invites feel free to contact me and we can add your service to the invite list.

Thanks everyone and enjoy the services!


Yesterday I had invite Monday which was a huge success so we decided to extend the sale and slash prices even more!

Thats right kids we are gonna go even lower and for a cost of FREE you can get invites to the following services:

Toluu – A great service is you an rss addict like me. Find some new feeds.
Socialthing – Aggregate your social services.

And if you act now we can even throw in invites to Evernote. Still waiting on a new shipment of invites to BrightKite and we will let everyone know when they are back in stock.

Act now as prices this low will not last…..just let me know your email address and I will shoot one your way.

Have some invites to a few services and thought I would share them with everyone. If you need one just reply to this post and provide me with your email. if you dont feel like posting your email address you can shoot me an email at and I will get one out to ya.

They are on a first come basis so once they are gone you will just have to wait till I get some more. Also if there are any services that would like to supply me some invites just shoot me an email and I will pimp out your service for everyone.


Invites I currently have are for :