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Thought this was pretty funny.


Now first let me say yes the movie came out awhile back…but hey I could watch the trailer everyday and not get tired of it. Plus this on was created with LEGO!!! So with that enjoy the trailer again (or for me for about the 500th time).

Cant wait for the movie to come out on DVD

The other night I decided I should go ahead and purchase my ticket for the the Batman movie “Dark Knight” which will have a midnight showing next week which I will be attending at the AMC 30 here in Olathe,KS.

Thats when I thought you know what would be kool is find out if anyone else is gonna be there who might follow me on twitter, my blog, or the other handful of services I am on these days and do a little meetup…maybe there will be a bunch of people or maybe there will only be a few but in any case it would be great to meet everyone and what better time then at a geeky event like the premiere of “Dark Knight”.

So my question to everyone out there….will you be at the midnight showing (and of course at the Olathe 30) and would you be interested in a little meetup?  Let me know.

Thought this was a funny little video playing off the whole mac vs. pc commercials. Also adding to it is that both movies have been or are being released this summer.

Very kool mashup of the 89′ Batman and 08′ Dark Knight Trailers. I cannot wait to see the new batman movie! Enjoy.