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So its that time again!!! Time for another BarCamp here in KC.  The 2009 edition will take place at the JavaPort  on Sept 26th from 9am to 5pm.  Now maybe you are like what the heck is a barcamp anyways well here is a little info for you to digest:

BarCampKC is a user generated conference in Kansas City that’s focused on innovative technology, blogging, and business projects local to the area.

User generated” means the people who attend BarCampKC are the same people organizing and presenting at the conference. In other words we hope that if you come to BarCampKC you’ll also present something (“run a session”). If not, just be ready to listen to other presenters, contribute to their content, and ask a lot of questions. For more info check out this Wikipedia entry

BarCampKC isn’t about sponsorship by any single company, headhunters trying to recruit you, charlatans trying to sell you something, or lecturers showing you how to do your day job more efficiently.

BarCampKC is about presenting on the projects you’re passionate about, involving your friends and colleagues, getting inspired by others, and meeting some talented and creative folks you’d likely not run into otherwise.

To register for BarCampKC jump over the the Eventbrite page. Also there is a blog that will be updated with information soon about the event as well.

So who is going to BarCampKC?  Will I see ya there?  I hope so!  Can’t wait.


Hey everyone thought I would throw together a little video review and thoughts on barcampkc which I attended last weekend. Also for pics and links check out the tumblelog I created at

[original video on my viddler page]

BarcampKC tumblelog

Well I am up and about early this Saturday morning as I am gonna be heading out soon to barcampkc. I created a tumblr blog to help capture some of what is going on throughout the day and as a matter of fact I see pictures from the meetup last night have hit the site (just tag photos ‘barcampkc’ and they should show up on the site).

update : also if you use hashtags on twitter if you post and add ‘#barcampkc’ your twitter should show up on the tumblelog as well.

So go check out if you are unable to attend live or just looking for some information.  And if you have any media (like video’s) of the event let me know and we can get those loaded up as well.

Put this little video togather talking about schwag I got from disqus today, the new podcast The Social Geeks, and BarcampKC which is coming up this weekend. Not sure what was us with the lightness/darkness but it is tolerable. 🙂 Enjoy

I have been watching the wiki and blog for BarCampKC which is setting up to take place May 9th and 10th here in KC.  I dont really know what exactly a BarCamp is but I have heard of them around the web and some of my twitter followers have gone to them as well so I am like “hey I will check it out!”.  Podcamp Midwest was a blast and I am always up for meeting new geeks and talking about tech, the social web, and general geek stuff.

Like I mentioned earlier you can check out the blog for the event or even the wiki for the event.  As I get more information I will share it with you guys.

side note I found this on wikipedia explaining BarCamps

feel free to leave comments or input on the subject.