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Found a video of the speech Barack Did last night and wanted to throw it up on my blog. I thought this was a great speech and a great moment in the history of the United States.

I plan to watch this a couple times 🙂


Leave it to the net to get right to the hard hitting questions and today the big question is…. Is Obama President Yet? Well if you don’t want to sit through hours of coverage or wait for your dial up to let you know visit one of these 2 sites and they will answer that question right away.

isobamapresident and isobamapresidentyet

Interesting that at this moment one says no, not yet and the other says almost 🙂

What do you get when you cross Barack Obama with Rick Astley and Rick Rolled? You get Barack Rolled!! I have been enjoying watching this video over the past few weeks and thought I would share it with everyone since the election is just around the corner.

Someone even used the blue screen that was at the Republican Convention to make it look like McCain was Barack Rolled. Of Course it didnt really happen.

Dont forget to get out there and vote on Election Day!