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So I got a little goodie package in the mail today from the gang over at and and it was nothing like I was expecting!!  Now first off if you are not familiar with the two sites is a site which you might figure out is all about bacon!  They have stuff you can buy, a blog, recipes, ect ect. and then is a url shortener service which takes your long web addresses and makes them tiny with a hint of bacon and hey anything with bacon added is always better.

I am always talking about bacon on twitter, facebook, friendfeed, smckc events and using the hash tag #bacon to spread the joy…so the guys over at wanted to say thanks and said they were gonna shoot me over some stuff.

So today I go to the post office to pick up the package and right when i see it I am like oh there are some goodies in there!!!  And boy was I right.  I had a sticker and business card from as well as a tshirt from them.

The Fortress Of Solitude The Fortress Of Solitude

Now the next part was the part I was not expecting at ALL!! They actually sent me some BACON!!!  And some great varieties at that.  I got the following flavors :

  • Sun Dried Tomato Bacon
  • Uncured Apple Cinnamon Bacon
  • Chipotle Southwestern Smoked Bacon
  • Pepper Slab Portions

The Fortress Of Solitude

Now how kool is that!! So of course I had to grab the flip video and take a little video action of all the goodies so check that out below.

I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone at and you guys have a great site and a great url shortener service.  Now time to cook up some bacon!



There is a new URL shortner out there on the interweb and it is called which like any other service like it takes a long web address and shortens it to just a few characters.

Why would you use over all the other services that do the same thing?  well that is kind of obvious….the others don’t have anything to do with bacon which will make anything better! hehe

Seriously though its a fun little way to shorten those long urls, they have a bookmarklet you can add to your browser for quick shortening, and a list with the top links that have been baconized (is that a word??).

Looking for more bacon coverage on the interwebs then check out Bacon Geek or maybe you want to add a slice of bacon to your blog?  Then check out my post “Enhance Any Site By Adding Bacon“.  Enjoy!


Do you have a site that you are wanting to improve?  Maybe want to make your favorite online service even better?  Well with you can do just that by adding a strip of BACON to any site, blog, or service. was created by Chris and Nick and basically what the service does is slaps a slice of bacon onto the page of your choice.  Pretty easy stuff…and they even have a bookmarklet to make the process easy.

For an example page you can see my site bacon-ized by clicking here

[check out the blog]

There is even a greasemonkey script to add a slice of bacon to every site you go to…now that is awesome! haha