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My buddy Zachishere shared this video with me by the electronic group Royksopp which has a very space invaders, atari, 8-bit, and just plain kool feel to it. Love it. So thought I would share the video with you. The song is called “Happy Up Here”


Atari 2600 on my 42 inch plasma tv

I have always been a big fan of the Atari 2600 and had planned on setting it up in our newly finished basement for people to play around with when they came over while watching tv or whatever.

Today though I thought I wonder what it would be like on my 42 inch plasma with surround sound….well the answer is pretty sweet!!!

I got it hooked up and in no time I was playing pac-man, galaga, space invaders on the plasma with full surround sound which was giving me an audio orgasm…hehe

Here is a little video I took and threw up on 12seconds

Atari 2600 on the 42 inch plasma with Surround Sound! on

When you got PAC-MAN the MOVIE!!! hehe