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So one of those songs you kind of associate (or at least i do) with Christmas is “Last Christmas” by Wham! So hey what better for a geek like me then an 8-bit version of that song…..

Oh and then today I saw from one of the blogs I follow Agent M Loves Tacos had a nice “Last Christmas” flow chart if you needed a little aide in how the song works….


So I found this kool album 8-Bit Christmas you can get from RUSH COIL that not only lets you get your favorite Christmas tunes in chiptune form but all the proceeds go to the charity Child’s Play!

UPDATE: We’ve decided to donate ALL net proceeds from digital sales to Child’s Play! – a charity created by the kind folks at Penny Arcade. The organization presents hospitalized chidren around the globe with games and toys during the holiday season. This year they have raised over $1,000,000.


If you wanna hear what tracks are included or you want to order a copy on cd which will be shipped for free jump over to the site. Very kool to get some great holiday tunes geeked out and help all those little geeks that need something this holiday season.

My buddy Zachishere shared this video with me by the electronic group Royksopp which has a very space invaders, atari, 8-bit, and just plain kool feel to it. Love it. So thought I would share the video with you. The song is called “Happy Up Here”

Its an 8-Bit Christmas!!!

Two of my favorite things are the Christmas season and 8-bit music and when I saw Doctor Octoroc was releasing 8-Bit Jesus I was pretty excited to get some holiday tunes 8-bit style.

I’ve been working on a new album for the past few months and am releasing a free MP3 download of the first half – sort of a preview, I suppose. The album is entitled 8-Bit Jesus and contains 9 tracks thus far. Each one is a chip-tune version of a classic Christmas song done in the style of a different NES game.

Make sure you jump over to the site and download the tunes to add a little geek to you holiday parties this season.

track list
We Three Konami
Ryu the Red Nosed Ninja
Silent Knight Man
Carol of the Belmonts
Joy to Commando
Deck the Kremlin
Little Drummer Nemo
The Legend of Noel
Super Jingle Bros.