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Leave it to the net to get right to the hard hitting questions and today the big question is…. Is Obama President Yet? Well if you don’t want to sit through hours of coverage or wait for your dial up to let you know visit one of these 2 sites and they will answer that question right away.

isobamapresident and isobamapresidentyet

Interesting that at this moment one says no, not yet and the other says almost 🙂


Decided since my voting location was so close that I would walk to do my civic duty. Not only did I get to vote for the next president but I got to get a little exercise and help myself as well as my country.

He is the little video I took along the way…..

Dont forget to vote…you still have time. Help make our country a better place.

Everyday we are seeing new ways social media services are changing how we experience events in our community to around the world. This coming November 4th Americans will head to the polls for the Presidential Election and from my memory this will be the first Election since twitter/social media has taken off.

Enter the Twitter Vote Report ( :

So, get ready to Twitter your Vote Report! Voters can share their experiences with other people in real-time using This will help other voters not to show up when the lines are too long, and let the media and watchdog groups know that there are machinery problems or that voters are being asked for identification unnecessarily (or necessarily if they are first-time voters) in certain precincts.

To let your voice be heard on the report go to twitter, write your message and use the hashtag #votereport.

Report back with posts on things like :

1. The time of day (9:20 am, 1:12 pm)
2. The zip code you just voted in (e.g. 10591, 10012)
3. The issue: Wait (e.g. a waiting time of over ½ hour) Reg. (e.g. a problem with your registration) Machine (e.g. voting machines are broken or jamming)
4. Whatever else you feel like sharing on your experience.

I think it is gonna be interesting the part that social media and the social web plays in the next few weeks as we head to the polls.

Current has announced that while the presidental debates are going on before the election our tweets from twitter will be streaming as Obama and McCain face off. They are calling it “Hack The Debate”.

Current is partnering with Twitter to give your feedback and voice a home — on TV as the various candidates debate. There will be four debates total, and we’ll be broadcasting them live on Current TV as well as live streaming them on

The first debate is Sept 26th and the twitter stream during the debate will be on the channel itself as well as on

I for one look forward to seeing how this little thing will work….will it be the greatest thing ever? probably not…but I think its a great way of using technology to let people share their voice…but with that said I am sure there will be some tweets that do not make the broadcast.

What are your thought on this idea? Let everyone know…lets discuss.

[story on Yahoo!]

One of the cons I really enjoyed following online (even though I would have loved to be there in person) was ROFLCon which celebrates internet memes and such like icanhascheezburger, tron guy, and homestar runner to name a few.

Now if you missed the live or online coverage your in luck as some videos are starting to make their way onto the interweb and one of the first is the keynote which you can find @ the Internet Archive now.

For more information on new videos released, get merchandise or find other coverage of ROFLcon check out the Official ROFLcon Site.

roflcon 2008