So its time for another episode of At The Movies WIth The Geek and this week we kick off the summer movie season with the much anticipated Iron Man sequel. Would it be as great as the first? Would it go the way of sequel suckage?

Lets take a look….

[IMDB – Iron Man 2]


My Thoughts

One last image to live you with from this movie……


Scott Raymond from Gowalla had a great discussion on one of the hottest topics out there on the interwebs in location based services at Free State Social.

I grabbed the video but missed a little of the beginning and a little at the end.  Other then that enjoy what he has to say.

Gowalla co-founder and CTO, Scott Raymond, will discuss the growing impact of location based social networks, share insights in to how they will evolve and what’s coming next, and why it’s important for your business to embrace location based technology today.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Everyone going to the midnight showings have fun!  And be on the lookout for my review to hit the interwebs soon.

There are always those sites that have no real productivity value, knowledge gathering, or can really help you in life but are just plain fun and yesterday when going through my tumblr feeds I stumbled across a new one called violentjisjohngoodman.

Basically as you can see in the pictures below the focus on the site is taking a picture of John Goodman and putting the face paint from Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse together.  Pure Awesomeness….Enjoy!




I so remember watching this show back in the day and always loved the intro.  I also had the biggest crush on holly…maybe my first 🙂

LAND OF THE LOST INTRO (via PufnStufProductions)

So this is the big week!  Free State Social is here and yours truly will be attending to soak in all the social media madness that will take place.

Social media is much more than a fad – it’s changing the way the world communicates. The communities in northeast Kansas are at the forefront of this movement and have made the region a hub for innovative technologies and social media use.

Because of this, The World Company is hosting a brand new social media event: The Free State Social.

“The Free State Social will highlight the best in social media from our area and put local innovations and ideas on a national – even global – stage,” Ben Smith, World Company Social Media Manager, said. “Our purpose is to educate attendees about the current state of social media, present opportunities for its use and talk about where the industry is headed.”

Some of the speakers at the conference will be Chris Brogan, Jeremiah Owyang, Sarah Evans, and the list goes on as well as a local panel that will feature some familiar faces to those in the KC area including Zena Weist, Ramsey Mohsen, and Tony from Tony’s Kansas City! (Now there is a guy I look forward to meeting).

Overall it should be a great event and I look forward to posting up on the blog videos from the speakers/panels, pics and tweets as the day goes on, looking forward to meeting new people and putting faces with the many people I follow on twitter, as well as absorbing some of the great social media knowledge that will be dropped all day long.

Hope to see you there and if not at the event at the tweetup that night in downtown Lawrence.

One of the big releases for 2010 is the new Iron Man movie and come May 7th when it hits theaters AMC has a kool promotion where you can “Spend A Night With Iron Man” by catching the first release and then after that at midnight you can catch Iron Man 2 and if the theater has the option you can go IMAX!

How sweet is that deal?  I know myself I a cannot wait to see this movie.  The trailers have only gotten my geek senses tingling and if the 2nd one is as good as the first it will be a night of non stop geek out action.

Wanna know if and where it is happening in your area?  Check Here


How about a little trailer action (but i know you have already watched this like a crap ton already if you are like me)

So we just fell short of the Foursquare swarm badge last week on Foursquare Day but we will not stop trying!

Tomorrow will be the 2nd attempt to get the swarm badge and it will be at the Roasterie Cafe at 5:30pm in Kansas City.

[RSVP and Info here]

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