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Did you miss a panel or want to recap from Free State Social?  Maybe you were unable to attend?  Or hey maybe this is the first time you are hearing about Free State Social.  Whatever be ther case you can now access the archives and check out what was an awesome event last month.

I covered it with some video, tweets, and just plain telling people about it and I came away with a wealth of great information and excitement.

If you actually paid to go to Free State you are good to go all you have to do is contact LJ World and they will provide you with a username and password.  If you did not attend you can purchase a pass to view the archives for $9.95



Scott Raymond from Gowalla had a great discussion on one of the hottest topics out there on the interwebs in location based services at Free State Social.

I grabbed the video but missed a little of the beginning and a little at the end.  Other then that enjoy what he has to say.

Gowalla co-founder and CTO, Scott Raymond, will discuss the growing impact of location based social networks, share insights in to how they will evolve and what’s coming next, and why it’s important for your business to embrace location based technology today.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

So this is the big week!  Free State Social is here and yours truly will be attending to soak in all the social media madness that will take place.

Social media is much more than a fad – it’s changing the way the world communicates. The communities in northeast Kansas are at the forefront of this movement and have made the region a hub for innovative technologies and social media use.

Because of this, The World Company is hosting a brand new social media event: The Free State Social.

“The Free State Social will highlight the best in social media from our area and put local innovations and ideas on a national – even global – stage,” Ben Smith, World Company Social Media Manager, said. “Our purpose is to educate attendees about the current state of social media, present opportunities for its use and talk about where the industry is headed.”

Some of the speakers at the conference will be Chris Brogan, Jeremiah Owyang, Sarah Evans, and the list goes on as well as a local panel that will feature some familiar faces to those in the KC area including Zena Weist, Ramsey Mohsen, and Tony from Tony’s Kansas City! (Now there is a guy I look forward to meeting).

Overall it should be a great event and I look forward to posting up on the blog videos from the speakers/panels, pics and tweets as the day goes on, looking forward to meeting new people and putting faces with the many people I follow on twitter, as well as absorbing some of the great social media knowledge that will be dropped all day long.

Hope to see you there and if not at the event at the tweetup that night in downtown Lawrence.

So I was recently told about something a local company here in Kansas City is doing called ESP or The Ethnographic Sampling Project which caught my interest.

Now I am just in the learning stage and exploring of what ESP really is but wanted to share with you and see if maybe it is something that peaks your interest as well….

What is ESP?

The Ethnographic Sampling Project, ESP, is designed to sample brief moments of life by tapping into the citizen anthropologist.

What is the Ethnographic Sampling Project? It’s actually quite simple. We are a network of people who love sharing video, photos, audio and thoughts about why people do what they do, think what they think, buy what they buy. We believe technology has enabled observation and the ability to capture a moment on an unprecedented scale, creating a space where individuals can become part of a larger community.

The Ethnographic Sampling Project is designed to sample brief moments of life by tapping into the citizen anthropologist. Members of the group are given periodic challenges to capture specific experiences and share those experiences for discussion. The goal is to gain insight into human behavior and consumer culture through a dynamic range of personal perspectives and social contexts. Our hope is to prove a new, collaborative model for ethnography we call “open” ethnography.

ESP: The Ethnographic Sampling Project from Gavin Johnston on Vimeo.

Caught your interest? Come hang out at the Tweetup this Thursday night at Two West. [More Info]

If you are like me and I personally know a few who are when it comes to the status update/location based update you just have to do when you arrive at a location you will find this hilarious!


This is from a new blog/webcomic called Status This that I will be following for sure.  Jump on over there and give some comic love to them.  You can also follow the creator on twitter @AtlantaJones

[found via Status This]

So Lawrence is ready to put itself on the social media map with a huge event coming to the area April 29th and 30th, 2010 called the Free State Social.

Whitney Mathews made the big announcement at today’s SMCKC monthly breakfast about the event which will include the likes of Chris Brogan, Jeremiah Owyang, Sarah Evans, Shawna Coronado, Ellyn Angelotti.

So the announcement of the actual event has been made but the site is not up yet for the event and there is of course more info to come but here are a few bits of info that were put out today….

Speakers include: @ChrisBrogan @jowyang @PRsarahevans @ShawnaCoronado @ellynangelotti plus more TBA soon

The event will be heald at Lawrence’s new luxury hotel & conference venue:

April 29 will be a full day conference with a combination of keynote sessions and panel discussions.

April 30 is half day for VIP attendees with small group discussions with each of our speakers – very unique opportunity.

The evening of April 29 there will be a community tweetup in Downtown Lawrence

Websites will be live next week. Tickets on sale within next two weeks. $295 or $395 VIP. Limited numbers.

Follow news and updates on the Free State Social Twitter account as well as using the hashtag #FSsocial

Got a little chuckle out of this video for the S.M.A.A


Are you one of the millions of people whose lives have been ruined by a never-ending torrent of tweets, friend requests and ‘Which kind of pasta are you?’ quizzes? Then it’s time you joined the Social Media Addicts Association.

SMAA is run by reformed social media addicts who all had the courage to stand up and admit to their problem. Will you stop poking people you haven’t seen since college, and join us?

“I know she will poke me back”