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Blogging Funk!

So recently I have not had much along the lines of content here on (jeff)isageek dot net.  I don’t know if I hit a wall and lost the urge to write long blog posts, just been lazy, or maybe its all the other social networks that seem to draw me away from the traditional blogging.

I really do want to get back into doing my regular posts and I can feel that urge coming back but hey sometimes it happens.  In some ways I have kinda felt myself being pulled into a couple directions and start thinking do I want to do this with the site?  Do I want to do that with the site?  I think it doesn’t help that my mind is always going like 500 mph and thinking of the new kool way to share my thoughts and content.

So with that said I am gonna work on getting back on track and getting the blogging bug back!  Also thanks for sticking with me and following (jeff)




Torgo’s theme haunts me in my dreams.

Gotta love the Torgo Theme!

There are always those sites that have no real productivity value, knowledge gathering, or can really help you in life but are just plain fun and yesterday when going through my tumblr feeds I stumbled across a new one called violentjisjohngoodman.

Basically as you can see in the pictures below the focus on the site is taking a picture of John Goodman and putting the face paint from Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse together.  Pure Awesomeness….Enjoy!




I so remember watching this show back in the day and always loved the intro.  I also had the biggest crush on holly…maybe my first 🙂

LAND OF THE LOST INTRO (via PufnStufProductions)

So I just thought I would put a little video update on what projects/sites I am working on/with.  To get the rundown check the video out.

A few links to the stuff I mentioned :

Mobile Local Social
At The Movies With The Geek

So I jumped over to the blog this morning and noticed it has been about a week or so since I posted anything other then my daily shared items.  how crappy is that!  hehe

I need to get some posts out and get back on track getting content added.  So Just wanted to say hey and let you know I am still around…of course if you follow me on twitter you know I am still live and kicking.



So I am always looking for new ways to share kool stuff out there with everyone but don’t want to cram everything into one blog and have 40 posts a day. So thats when I decided to break up my posting/sharing habits with the service Posterous.

First I like to post a lot of geeky pics, videos, just off the wall stuff so I thought for my first Posterous blog I will go with Docking Bay 94 (which is a star wars reference) and make that the place for all geeky, off the wall, whatever goes.

Second I like to share movie trailers, movie posters, and of course my movie reviews so I decided to create a Posterous blog called At The Movie With The Geek where you can find all those goodies as well.

I am working on a third right now called PixelBits but it is not quite ready (or no content) so you should see it soon but it will be a place where I post pictures I just snap so it could be pretty much anything that catches my eye.

So there you have it some stuff I am pushing out there to extend what I do here on the blog and around the web. One great thing I really like about Posterous is the ability for it to take my posts to the service and blast it out to my twitter, friendfeed, flickr, ect at one time making the actual work I need to do to share it with everyone pretty much 0%.

Hope you enjoy the blogs and feel free to share the content with all your followers as well.

Hey Everyone!!! Hope all is well in your world where ever you might be. One thing I like to do from time to time is post a message to say thanks for checking out my posts whether they be here on the blog, my posterous sites, on twitter, friendfeed, ect ect.

I really enjoy putting out content and sharing all the kool stuff I found out there on the interwebs and such. So I am curious who is out there following my blog posts? Where are you located? If I am not following you where can I find you? Even if I am following you where can WE find you?

I want to make this as much as a chance for me to maybe add some of my followers who I might not know about as well as letting my other followers maybe find others they can follow as well.

So leave a comment and say hi, tell us where you are at on the web, what you are interested in and we can all find some kool peeps in the process!

Thanks again everyone for following the blog and (jeff)isageek in general.

So with everything going on around the web these days it seems like things are changing on a daily basis and for me it seems like I have multiple hats I like to put on with everything I like to talk about and participate in these days so I have decided to mix things up around my personal branding and what is out there for all you my followers.

I want to bring (jeff) back to being a long form blog with posts about social media, events going on here in the midwest, and new serices I am using and how I am using them ect ect.

But I also want to keep putting out geeky stuff, funny stuff, stuff about bacon, lego, star wars, on and on and of course want to keep putting out my movie reviews and stuff pertaining to that.

The New Focus

(jeff) will be my main blog. The place I talk about social media, gadgets, tech, the web. New services I am checking out there as well as events I attend around the KC area like meetups, barcamps, wordcamps, ect ect.

Docking Bay 94 – the place for me to put all my geeky stuff, my star wars stuff, my youtube videos, and everything else a geek finds interesting. I want to share this stuff but I dont want to bog the main site down with this stuff and bury the great content I create to share with everyone.

At The Movies With The Geek
– The place where I will be sharing my movie reviews and movie related links, pics, and videos. The place I can be a movie geek.

So I have started setting everything up and have started using my ideas and have to say I am really liking it. throw in distribution via serices like twitter, friendfeed, facebook, ect ect and I think this is a great way to get the (jeff)isageek brand, content, and all the stuff I love out there to you my followers.

Enjoy and as always thanks for following me out there on the interwebs.

So for us in America it is that time again…its the 4th of July weekend.  So with that said I will probably be away from any major blogging.

Have a pretty busy schedule of food, family, and fun.  I am sure I will get some tweeting and such but could be more quite then usual.

If you are here in the United States have a safe and fun weekend and if not hey just have a great weekend 🙂

Here is a little video for you to check out having to do with fireworks.  Enjoy!