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Wanted to wish all you dads out there a Happy Fathers Day. Got to spend the weekend with my family and of course my dad.

So to all you geek and non geek dads….thanks for what you do and what you mean to all of us.


So today is the last day of the April and traffic/readership wise it has been the best month I have ever had.

This week alone I have had 2 days with over 1,000 page views in a day, I passed my previous monthly page view total and went over 6,000 and thanks to the 2 huge days I am about 40 page views away from hitting 8,000 in a month! To me that is awesome!!!

Now I love the stats and they are great to see where you are going but more then that I love getting content out to people about things I enjoy or events and such i get to experience. I have made some great friends, learned about a lot of kool things and been able to attend some great events just because of this blog.

So I pretty much wanted to write this post to say thank you to everyone who follows my posts, comments, or shares the things I throw up on here. You guys are the best!

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Last night we were making pizza and I thought you know what the world needs to know how to do a pizza shot.  So check out the video below and next time you are making some pizza give it a shot!

So Allison and I got the chance to check out “Monsters vs. Aliens” in IMAX 3-D last night. Be on the lookout for my thoughts on the movie soon. But what do you think? Do these make us look geeky? hehe


@ Work

If you are going out for some fun be safe and Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!! Now how about a little House Of Pain to kick this day off!!!


Today one of my co-workers asked if I was interested in joining up in a biggest loser comp with him and another one of our friends. I have been wanting to shed some more pounds so I was all over it.

Looks like we are gonna do a 2 month period starting today and not sure if we are gonna just do total pounds or percentages.

My starting weight as of today : 276 lbs.

I dont think I will update the blog everyday but if you dont already you can follow me on twitter or friendfeed and I should have daily updates.

Goodbye Old Friend :(

Sad news from the (jeff)isageek compound known as the “Fortress of Solitude”. This morning I went out to my car to find someone had found my car unlocked and stole my iPod.

I will miss you old friend.

My new iPod!!!

(iPod)isageek – Dec 2005 to Feb 2009

If you would like to contribute to my get Jeff a new iPod fund please feel free to contribute…or if you are just a fan of my blog, tweets, podcasting, or my geek fu skills feel free to leave a tip as well. hehe

A little geeky Christmas for ya

And then the commercial from 1982 – 64k for $595!!!

First I just wanna say happy holidays to everyone out there on the interweb and hope you have a great holiday season whatever your beliefs are.

It has been a great year for me getting the chance to go to some great tech events, meetups, and I have met some awesome people this year who I will continue to work with and get to know even better in 2009.

Today Allison and I decided to put up the Christmas tree and put up some decorations around the house. So I thought why not put a little video and share it with everyone who follows my blog.

So here ya go!