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It is time again for another episode of At The Movies With the Geek and this time we are gonna look at the new scifi thriller Splice.

[IMDB – Splice]


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So its that time again for another movie review and this time we are taking a look at the new comedy starring Russel Brand and Jonah Hill called “Get Him To The Greek”.

[IMDB – Get Him To The Greek]




So last night I was once again a part of the movie podcast Almost Locals Only podcast put together by the members of the bandit network.

For this episode we discussed the first blockbuster of the summer season in Iron Man 2.

[Almost Locals Only: Iron Man Centipede]

So its time for another episode of At The Movies WIth The Geek and this week we kick off the summer movie season with the much anticipated Iron Man sequel. Would it be as great as the first? Would it go the way of sequel suckage?

Lets take a look….

[IMDB – Iron Man 2]


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One last image to live you with from this movie……

One of the big releases for 2010 is the new Iron Man movie and come May 7th when it hits theaters AMC has a kool promotion where you can “Spend A Night With Iron Man” by catching the first release and then after that at midnight you can catch Iron Man 2 and if the theater has the option you can go IMAX!

How sweet is that deal?  I know myself I a cannot wait to see this movie.  The trailers have only gotten my geek senses tingling and if the 2nd one is as good as the first it will be a night of non stop geek out action.

Wanna know if and where it is happening in your area?  Check Here


How about a little trailer action (but i know you have already watched this like a crap ton already if you are like me)

It’s that time again and another episode of At The Movies With The Geek!  This time we are looking at the new geektasic/comic book/superhero movie Kick-Ass.

Now my quick and simple review of this…this movie was kick ass!! Why well lets look at the trailer first……


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Need more Kick Ass information? Well my buddies over at Lost in Reviews have a Kick Ass Launch Center where you can check out their thoughts on the film as well as content from this years SXSW. Check it out and maybe we will see you at the movies soon!

Being a fan of the original I must say I was really looking forward to this reboot of one of my favorites.  Unfortunately it turned out to be a suckfest.  Find out more below.

[Clash of the Titans – IMDB]


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So as not to leave this review on a sour note lets check out the trailer to the original and better movie…..

Its time for another review by everyone’s favorite geek and this week we are looking at the movie “Repo Men” starring Jude Law and Forrest Whitaker.

For a price, any organ in your body can be replaced. But it can also be repossessed.

[IMDB – Repo Men]


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So yesterday it was the new Iron Man trailer and today we get the release of the new Tron trailer.  I am so looking forward to this one and the trailers are just increasing the excitement.

Only thing is we have to wait about 9 months!!! Check it out here.


[found here]

This past week I got a chance to be on the “Almost Locals Only” Podcast which is a podcast featuring peeps from the Bandit Network which features myself, Lost In Reviews, FrothyGirlz, and Down Right Creepy.

In this the 10th Episode we talked about Alice In Wonderland, Cop Out, compared two trailers (Iron Man 2 and Kick Ass), as well as doing some Oscar talk.

It was a fun time and I hope to become a regular on the show.

Check it out here  —> [Episode 10]