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Did you miss a panel or want to recap from Free State Social?  Maybe you were unable to attend?  Or hey maybe this is the first time you are hearing about Free State Social.  Whatever be ther case you can now access the archives and check out what was an awesome event last month.

I covered it with some video, tweets, and just plain telling people about it and I came away with a wealth of great information and excitement.

If you actually paid to go to Free State you are good to go all you have to do is contact LJ World and they will provide you with a username and password.  If you did not attend you can purchase a pass to view the archives for $9.95


Scott Raymond from Gowalla had a great discussion on one of the hottest topics out there on the interwebs in location based services at Free State Social.

I grabbed the video but missed a little of the beginning and a little at the end.  Other then that enjoy what he has to say.

Gowalla co-founder and CTO, Scott Raymond, will discuss the growing impact of location based social networks, share insights in to how they will evolve and what’s coming next, and why it’s important for your business to embrace location based technology today.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

So we just fell short of the Foursquare swarm badge last week on Foursquare Day but we will not stop trying!

Tomorrow will be the 2nd attempt to get the swarm badge and it will be at the Roasterie Cafe at 5:30pm in Kansas City.

[RSVP and Info here]

Today is 4/16 and that means its the new holiday Foursquare Day for all us fans of the service.  In honor of the day there are events planned all over the country for people to get swarm badges, businesses having specials for users of Foursquare, and of course a badge to honor the day.

Foursquare Day is about demonstrating the power of social media. It started as an idea by a Tampa, FL Optometrist and quickly spread world-wide.

Foursquare Day is April 16th – because it is the 4th month, and the 4-squared day! (4/16) It’s also the first “Social Media holiday” and was officially endorsed (TwitterFacebook).

Badge – In order to get the badge all you have to do is when you check in somewhere today just add the shout “Happy Foursquare Day!”

Events – There are events planned all over the country to celebrate the day.  A good resource to check out is to see what might be happening in your city or follow the hashtag 4sqday on twitter.

If you are in Kansas City like me there is an event planned down at Blanc Burgers to try and get the swarm badge.  [info on KC event here]

Specials – I know there are business out there that are taking advantage of the day and putting specials out there I have heard that McDonalds is gonna be offering some specials as well as I know a local establishment here in Kansas City will be offering 25% off you order today.

I’m sure if you do some google searches or follow the hashtag you might be able to find some specials going on in your area as well.

Have fun everyone and as always don’t forget to check in!!!

So its that time again for another awesome event in Kansas City and this time it is the return of Startup Weekend plus this year there will be waffles!

If you missed last year it was a great event and I have been looking forward to it returning for another year.  Not sure why you should attend?

It’s an experience unlike any conference you’ve attended before. Over the course of a single weekend, you get to take time out from your current venture/business and practice building a new one. Think of it like time off the field.

Most ventures fail on Monday morning, which isn’t the point. The point is, you learn new skills, processes, coding frameworks, legal jargon, business practices, spread sheet programs, etc that you can bring back to your current venture. Startup Weekend is a weekend warrior event where anything goes, and practice is implied. You’re not judged (unless you judge) and learning is paramount.

People who attend the weekend stay in touch, hire each other and form new ventures as a result of ‘colliding’ for 54 hours. Its an awesome three days of networking, team building, coding, business planning and pitching (with some added cocktails and food).

What do you have to loose?

When: April 16-18, 2010
Where : Infegy Offices – 4151 North Mulberry Drive KCMO
Time : Doors open at 6pm on Friday
Cost : $30 dollars for a ticket

Last year I did some blog posts about the first Startup Weekend so check them out to get some more exposure to the event.

And The Startup Weekend KC Winner Is…….
Startup Weekend KC : TopChirp – Twitter Meets Digg
(jeff)isageek tv : talking about startup weekend KC

Hope to see ya there!

So I was recently told about something a local company here in Kansas City is doing called ESP or The Ethnographic Sampling Project which caught my interest.

Now I am just in the learning stage and exploring of what ESP really is but wanted to share with you and see if maybe it is something that peaks your interest as well….

What is ESP?

The Ethnographic Sampling Project, ESP, is designed to sample brief moments of life by tapping into the citizen anthropologist.

What is the Ethnographic Sampling Project? It’s actually quite simple. We are a network of people who love sharing video, photos, audio and thoughts about why people do what they do, think what they think, buy what they buy. We believe technology has enabled observation and the ability to capture a moment on an unprecedented scale, creating a space where individuals can become part of a larger community.

The Ethnographic Sampling Project is designed to sample brief moments of life by tapping into the citizen anthropologist. Members of the group are given periodic challenges to capture specific experiences and share those experiences for discussion. The goal is to gain insight into human behavior and consumer culture through a dynamic range of personal perspectives and social contexts. Our hope is to prove a new, collaborative model for ethnography we call “open” ethnography.

ESP: The Ethnographic Sampling Project from Gavin Johnston on Vimeo.

Caught your interest? Come hang out at the Tweetup this Thursday night at Two West. [More Info]

This morning at the SMCKC breakfast we got the chance to check out the kool new augmented reality greeting cards that Hallmark Cards is starting to put out.

Its a pretty kool technology that I have no doubt we are gonna see more and more of.

Here is a little video I put together to show the cards in action (not the easiest to operate two cams so bare with me hehe) – thanks to Kevin Cobb and Justin Goldsborough

[augmented reality – wikipedia]

So unless you are living on another planet you have probably heard about the destructive earthquake that hit Haiti the other day.

One thing that Kansas City is known for is when someone is in need we the citizens of KC get to work and show what a great city of people we have here and this tragedy is no different.

My buddy Kurt aka kcklo63 on twitter is putting together a care package party to collect and box up care packages to be sent to Haiti.

Truly a grass-roots effort, members of the KC community will come together to put together care packages that will be donated to Heart To Heart, an Olathe non-profit organization, to be shipped to Haiti for earthquake relief efforts.

Jan 17, 2010
3pm – 6pm

Scion Lab
Oak Street and 18th Street
Kansas City, MO

for more info, donate, ect. check here
[KC For Haiti Care Package Party]

Find out more about Haiti on Wikipedia
[Wikipedia – Haiti]